Your Heart to Keep - Amanda Mackey

Your Heart to Keep

Author: Amanda Mackey

  • Publication Date: 2018-02-02
  • Category: Contemporary
4.5 Score: 4.5
(From 36 Ratings)


We don’t choose fate. It chooses us. Or so we are led to believe.
Holly Jenkins is about to receive a new heart, thanks to a donor match from accident victim, Chloe McQuade. The victim’s boyfriend, bad boy Jax, is angry and grieving for his lost love. He hates everything and everyone, including Holly. It isn’t until he meets her that he realizes there is something about her he can’t explain. Could it be the beating heart of his dead girlfriend- the very one he owned, that calls to him? Is the intense pull towards Jax coming from Holly’s own emotions or are they Chloe’s? And why is she suddenly craving things she never has before? How do they decide what’s real and what’s not? Is fate at play or is it something more?

This is the first book in the Your Heart to Keep Series by Amanda Mackey.


  • Your Heart to Keep-Amanda Mackey

    By Fishielips
    This book caught my attention eight from the start! Interesting plot, good character development -can’t wait to finish the series!
  • Your Heart to keep

    By Scissors 11
    Amazing book, couldn’t put it down! Can’t wait to see how it ends. First time reading
  • Your heart to keep

    By jra7393
    Gave you just a sneak pick, and left you wanting to know how the story ends.
  • Your heart to keep

    By Jayla76
    Very sad but can’t wit to read the story between holly and Jax.
  • Your heart to keep

    By Lilliespad45
    Amazing book!! It's simply pulls at your heart strings. Amanda Mackey did a great job. Can't wait to read the rest of the series.
  • Sweet story.

    By Zomgrunt
    Good character development. Interested to see what happens next.
  • Such a tearjerker but worth the sniffles

    By SinfullyWicked
    This story was so heartwarming and was close to ‘home’... can’t wait to finish out the series to see if happily ever after is there or they walk away
  • Your Heart to Keep - Amanda Mackey

    By PinkYellow&Purple2
    I wonder if Jax will ever be able to heal? Can't wait to see how these lives will be forever connected.
  • Your heart to keep

    By Del1984
    Love it!!!
  • Very good book

    By Sunshine#@
    Loved it. There is a lot of sorrow in the first book. I just hope there is some happiness in the following books. I really liked this book highly recommend it.