Valhalla Rising - Clive Cussler

Valhalla Rising

Author: Clive Cussler

  • Publication Date: 2001-08-13
  • Category: Action & Adventure
4.5 Score: 4.5
(From 256 Ratings)


Marine explorer Dirk Pitt must rely on the nautical lore of Jules Verne to stop a ruthless oil baron with his sights set on political power in this #1 New York Times-bestselling series.

In the middle of its maiden voyage, a luxury cruise ship using revolutionary new engines suddenly catches fire and sinks. Its alarms stay silent; its sprinkler system remains inactive.  Nearby NUMA special projects director Dirk Pitt notices smoke and races to the rescue. He's too late to save the engineer behind the ship's new technology, but helps the man's daughter, Kelly Egan, escape with her father's work in a leather briefcase. 

While Ms. Egan strives to uncover the hidden value in her father's inventions, Pitt is hired on by maritime insurers to investigate the wreckage. Neither are prepared for the mechanical marvels they'll soon be forced to confront. The machines could only be the stuff of legend, described in the tales of Viking explorers or the accounts of Jules Verne. And they may be Pitt and Egan's only hope when an oil tycoon with a plan of his own appears on the scene. 

Before journey's end, Pitt will take on a power-mad millionaire, tread upon territory previously known only to Verne's illustrious Captain Nemo, and make shocking discoveries about his own past.


  • vahalla rising

    By LotsOfLanguages
    the attitude towards women is from 1955
  • Classic Book

    By Pueblogamer
    One of my favorite Cussler books! A very good read!!
  • Great book, love Dirk Pitt

    By Patsygram
    Cussler books are always exciting and well written.
  • Valhalla Rising

    By Smith2172
    Cussler at his best. Interesting storyline and fun to read.
  • Fun

    By Oridog
    This is a fun read. Entertaining and fast moving.