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  • Oh So Real!!

    By TraTra80
    I have never read a book that made me take such a huge look at myself and my shortcomings. This book was such an eyeopener for me. To think I had my stuff together and realize, I really didn't!! Lol!! Huge thanks to the big sister Tracy M. for the reality check!!!
  • It (seriously) changed my life

    By siskathe
    I'm pushing 30; unmarried and unhappy. I stumbled upon this book while reading an article Why Aren't You Married...Yet posted by a friend on FB. It was a life-changing moment for me when I started reading this book---having just thrown a tantrum at my boyfriend and my mom (on separate occasion). This book made me realized what I am all this time: a crazy-selfish-angry lady who doesn't understand why she's feeling that way and did emotionally hurtful things to herself and others. I began to see all that I am, flaws and all, and been working towards an open-mindedness to change for the better. Thank you so much Tracy for being that "Spirited goddess in the universe" who guided me towards a better me... And I love how she did it all with a straight-talkin' no BS, love giving, big sister way of waking you up from your own BS (that's been preventing you from being married). Want to stop feeling miserable about yourself, your life, etc.? Then you really need to buy this book like right now. Thank you again, love you Trace!
  • I Loved every last word

    By Mahogany Girl
    Thank you for making it all "elementary my dear Watson". Tracy broke it all down to the smallest element to make it all easy to understand, digest and take action! I'm not a fan of self help books but I have told all my friends about this book and even purchased one who was taking her time buying it - because I knew she would benefit from it! I have! I will! All women can learn something at any point in their lives what Tracy talks about: tapping into your spiritual side,(Heck getting a spiritual side), hearing what no one else has the nerve to tell you, and learning about/understanding what has confounded you for years. You rock Tracy! Thank you....
  • Why You're Not Married Yet

    By Unc.chucky
    This book is a must read for every single woman over 30! The book uses humor to make single woman honestly evaluate the reason that they are single. I have never written a review, but this book is excellent. I would even dare say that it is better than Act like a lady, think like a man!
  • Why you're not married....yet

    By Jennifer Yeo
    I have read so many relationship books, I almost gave up. This book puts practicality to all the wisdom out there about relationships and marriage. First book ever to make me cry! Thanks!
  • Awesome

    By Spaink
    This book puts a lot of things in perspective.
  • Perspective

    By thatsafrenchassname
    I enjoyed her writing style and the format in which she laid out her points. Statement. Explanation. Spiritual solution. Informative and entertaining! Passed it in to other girlfriend who lived it too!