And Then All Hell Broke Loose - Richard Engel

And Then All Hell Broke Loose

Author: Richard Engel

  • Publication Date: 2016-02-09
  • Category: World Affairs
4.5 Score: 4.5
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A major New York Times bestseller by NBC’s Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel—this riveting story of the Middle East revolutions, the Arab Spring, war, and terrorism seen close up “should be required reading” (Booklist, starred review).

In 1997, young Richard Engel, working freelance for Arab news sources, got a call that a busload of Italian tourists was massacred at a Cairo museum. This is his first view of the carnage these years would pile on. Over two decades he has been under fire, blown out of hotel beds, and taken hostage. He has watched Mubarak and Morsi in Egypt arrested and condemned, reported from Jerusalem, been through the Lebanese war, covered the shooting match in Iraq and the Libyan rebels who toppled Gaddafi, reported from Syria as Al-Qaeda stepped in, and was kidnapped in the Syrian cross currents of fighting. Engel takes the reader into Afghanistan with the Taliban and to Iraq with ISIS. In the page-turning And Then All Hell Broke Loose, he shares his “quick-paced...thrilling adventure story” (Associated Press).

Engel takes chances, though not reckless ones, keeps a level head and a sense of humor, as well as a grasp of history in the making. Reporting as NBC’s Chief-Foreign Correspondent, he reveals his unparalleled access to the major figures, the gritty soldiers, and the helpless victims in the Middle East during this watershed time. His vivid story is “a nerve-racking...and informative portrait of a troubled region” (Kansas City Star) that shows the splintering of the nation states previously cobbled together by the victors of World War I. “Engel’s harrowing adventures make for gripping reading” (The New York Times) and his unforgettable view of the suffering and despair of the local populations offers a succinct and authoritative account of our ever-changing world.


  • And then all he'll broke loose

    By James Gilroy
    Great read very informative and had the ring of truth .. Heroic in his pursuit of the story . Hope nothing happens to him .
  • Great read/get background on Middle East situation

    I really enjoyed this book. One of those hard to put down reads, which is exactly what I was looking for. Very well written, fast-paced, informative. First-hand experience of what it was like to be there, and paints the picture of how it got to what we see today. Lots of facts and history, and also provides the vantage point of the lives of the people there too without the propaganda. Well done and thanks to the author.
  • And then

    By Forti ER
    A great read that makes one think about this region of the world and what went on. The author makes the reader think about the counties involved,the leaders of those countries,and our leadership. Excellent read
  • For those interested in understanding the Middle East

    By 史威德
    A must read for westerners interested in the history and current challenges in the Middle East. An easy, fascinating read.
  • Just OK!

    By TXcanario
    Pretty interesting memoir about a war correspondent. I tad self indulgent but I guess if you're going to do that kind of job you're going to be somewhat of a narcissist.I also don't buy his explanation about initially supporting the Iraq war. There was plenty of evidence at the time that there was no good reason to go to war with Iraq. Someone with his background and knowledge of the Middle East should've known better. Good read in general but I've read a lot better memoirs.
  • Excellent first-hand summary of the Middle East

    By RandyT_8675309
    I highly recommend this book as a credible source for information about the Middle East from 1996-present (2016). This guy was actually in the Middle East during many (if not all) of the major turning points. This book provides first-hand insight into the state of the Middle East, the contributing factors of the destabilization of many of it's states, and the danger that poses for it's peaceful citizens and the rest of the world. And no one-sided political spin. Huge thanks, Richard.
  • A must read!

    By wilsonmtnz
    Always liked Richard reporting. Glad i can read the stories behind the reports.