Spirelli Paranormal Investigations: Episodes 1-3 - Kate Baray

Spirelli Paranormal Investigations: Episodes 1-3

Author: Kate Baray

  • Publication Date: 2015-12-22
  • Category: Paranormal
4.5 Score: 4.5
(From 63 Ratings)


Jack Spirelli, paranormal investigator, public debunker of paranormal frauds, and private fixer for the magic-using community has opened his doors.

Jack's in a crunch. Since he went pseudo-public with Spirelli Paranormal Investigations, his business has sky-rocketed. Debunking the scum who prey on vulnerable targets makes up half his business now. And the rest of his time? Jack's on speed dial with the Texas Lycan Pack, the Inter-Pack Policing Cooperative gives him an occasional ring, and anything that goes bump in the night might just call him with a job.

He needs an assistant, another investigator, and some additional muscle, but maybe the dragon who just walked in and applied will do for now.

This volume contains the first three episodes of Season One. Each is a complete stand-alone story.


  • What's a Lycan?

    By Ex Wordfeud Junkie
    Supernatural detectives was a genre I had usually avoided. Along with shape shifters; although Marin taught me dragons aren't shape shifters. In a way I didn't feel any more stupid then Jack. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Each of the three episodes were stand alone. A character or two made cameo appearances. References to a previous case were subtle and ingeniously explained. My only puzzlement is what's a Lycan? Is than an unoriginal nod to Underworld? I would completely recommend this book and I intend to read other books by this author.
  • Great fun!

    By AymzHi
    I don't normally write a lot of reviews but I just had to say how much I enjoyed the first three 'episodes' of this series. I love her take on the quirks and characteristics of the magical community and the cases and scenes were great entertainment. In true bookworm fashion, I had to stay up reading until 5 in the morning because I HAD TO KNOW what happened next. Can't wait to get the rest next payday. :)
  • Magical & funny

    By Bvreal
    Great read with well developed characters that you learn more about with each book. I find Jack funny as he tries to deal with being a mundane in a magical world. He and Marin get into all kinds of trouble and her dragon attitude about it all is amusing. I can't wait to read the others in the series.
  • Easy fun reading

    By DianeDeMar
  • Bonding

    By math wizard
    Kate Baray writes very interesting books. I like Jack and Marin. They are an interesting somewhat funny partners. Never a dull moment would be a good way to describe their relationship and partnership. Things between them are just starting to develop and very very interesting. For short novellas they are well written!