The Summer Wedding - Lucy Kevin & Bella Andre

The Summer Wedding

Author: Lucy Kevin & Bella Andre

  • Publication Date: 2017-01-11
  • Category: Contemporary
4.5 Score: 4.5
(From 39 Ratings)


THE SUMMER WEDDING is the second book in the fun and romantic “Married in Malibu” series — a spin-off of Lucy Kevin’s New York Times bestselling “Four Weddings and a Fiasco” series.

Jenn Fairhurst wants her Married in Malibu wedding cakes to be legendary. Her job baking sweet treats at the Southern California wedding venue means everything to her―even if she’s not sure that she’ll ever be able to love, or trust a man, again after going through a terrible divorce.

Daniel Brooker is an award-winning photojournalist who gave up his globetrotting career to become a wedding photographer after his wife passed away, leaving him as the sole parent to his son and daughter. After such a tragic loss, he never thought he’d be able to love again. Until he met Jenn.

Soon, Daniel is falling head over heels for Jenn and wants to show her what true love really is. But right when it looks like she might finally be ready to give love another try, her past comes back to haunt her. Will she be able to risk her heart again?

Lucy Kevin is the "sweet" pen-name of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Bella Andre (who writes the #1 bestselling series about The Sullivans). Lucy Kevin books are fun, flirty and romantic―without the steamy scenes. 

“Married in Malibu” Series
Book 1: The Beach Wedding (Liz & Jason)
Book 2: The Summer Wedding (Jenn & Daniel)
~ more books coming soon! ~

"Four Weddings and a Fiasco" Series 
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Book 3: The Wedding Song 
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"Walker Island Romance" Series 
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“I loved this book. It reminded me of Nora Roberts' wedding series." Review for The Wedding Gift by Lucy Kevin 

"Another winner from Lucy Kevin. I have enjoyed all of the books in the 4 Wedding Series. If you are looking for a fun series that is just a feel good kind of book, check out the Four Weddings and a Fiasco series." ~ Jenfyr, Review for THE WEDDING DRESS 

"Awesome book from start to finish. I could not wait for the book to come out and it was great. The anticipation of what direction the story line was going to take surprised me, but at the same time kept me intrigued." ~ Fay, Review for THE WEDDING DRESS 

When New York Times and USA Today bestseller Lucy Kevin released her first novel, SEATTLE GIRL, it became an instant bestseller. All of her subsequent sweet contemporary romances have been hits with readers as well, including WHEN IT’S LOVE (A Walker Island Romance) which debuted at #1. Having been called “One of the top writers in America” by The Washington Post, she recently launched the very romantic Married in Malibu series. Lucy also writes contemporary romances as Bella Andre and her incredibly popular series about The Sullivans have been #1 bestsellers around the world, with 5 million books sold so far! If not behind her computer, you can find her swimming, hiking or laughing with her husband and two children.


  • A sweet must read

    By sferguson105
    This is my first Lucy Kevin read, and I must say I absolutely loved it. It's a different style writing than her Bella alter ego, a softer sweeter side that I really enjoyed reading. Jenn and Daniel were sweet to read about, and it was kinda hot to see Daniel go all alpha in defending Jenn against her kinda psycho ex. I would definitely recommend one clicking this book.
  • Lucy Kevin delivers another exceptional story

    By Newberryd
    The Summer Wedding by Lucy Kevin Book 2 in the Married in Malibu series spotlights another sweet romance story. This time Jenn, the talented wedding cake baker, and Daniel, the photojournalist turned wedding photographer decide if the time is right for a second chance at love. Lucy Kevin provides readers with amazing, creative, strong characters who are also caring, understanding and willing to take the time to make the right decisions. While this story can be read as a stand alone, I love how the cast of characters reveal different parts of their personalities as we spend more time with them. Thank you for the wonderful story.
  • Wonderful!

    By emilyk52281
    "The Summer Wedding" (Married in Malibu, Book 2) by Lucy Kevin (Bella Andre) is a wonderful read. I enjoyed reading about Jenn and Daniel. This story is a fun, sweet romance. This series has romance, interesting and entertaining characters, happilly ever afters, and more. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next in "Barefoot Wedding" (Married in Malibu, Book 3). Another winner from Lucy Kevin (Bella Andre). Highly recommend to all fans of romance.
  • The Summer Wedding by Lucy Kevin

    By Jen G F
    ARC copy for honest review with no compensation, Married in Malibu series is a sweet second chance friends to lovers romance. Another sweet and heart filled romance, another great book by Lucy Kevin. Daniel, the photographer whose wife passed away and father to two children and Jenn, is divorced from a cheating ex-husband and the baker who both work at Married in Malibu and all-inclusive wedding venue. They both are attracted to each other but have been hurt badly and do not want to open their hearts to anyone. Working together and the attraction getting stronger, Daniel decides to tell Jenn how he feels but Jenn doesn’t believe it will work and tries to keep their relationship as friends only. Will Daniel be able to show Jenn the HEA second chance love can happen for her and she has nothing to be afraid of or will Jenn run away from it and end up lonely???
  • Strong, sweet, & emotional story

    By Mslizalou
    The Summer Wedding is the latest release from Lucy Kevin, which is a "sweet" pen-name for Bella Andre. While I've read pretty much every book Bella Andre has written under her name, The Summer Wedding is my first book from Lucy Kevin. The Summer Wedding was a super sweet romance about second chances. I'm a huge fan of second chance romances and have to say that seeing Jenn and Daniel get a second chance at love gave me all the feels. Daniel is a single dad following the death of his wife, and Jenn's ex-husband cheated on her so she is single again. I'm usually more of a fan of a hotter romance, but I absolutely fell in love with Daniel and Jenn slowly moving towards being a couple. I loved that Daniel's kids were a big part of their courtship and loved they fell for Jenn every bit as much as their father did. I found myself pulled into The Summer Wedding and ended up reading it in almost one sitting. I love when I get so pulling into a story, I don't want to put the book down. Daniel and Jenn's story was just that story for me. I highly recommend this book to anyone romance reader who loves a strong, sweet, and emotional story. While The Summer Wedding was the first Lucy Kevin book I read, it definitely won't be my last. Rating: 4 Stars (B+) Review copy provided by publisher
  • Love story even for Teens

    By MelissaNY666
    I received an ARC for my honest review. This story was well written from the talent of Bella Andrea and the Sullivan 19 book series. It's the romance with the main characters common people meet and falling in love.
  • Heartwarming weekend read

    By Cali Jewel
    This is a very Sweet Second Chance at Love Romance proving that sometimes people are lucky enough to find it more than once in a lifetime. Both are so in their own little worlds just trying to move on and get by they don't even see the other coming. I love the way the author takes you into this destination wedding location and makes the people involved come alive. Very fun and entertaining read. Looking forward to visiting for the next wedding.
  • Love this Series!!

    By Evergreenbrdx
    Jenn Fairhurst is starting over after her divorce. Baking wedding cakes for Married in Malibu is her dream job. Jenn loves everyone she works for and is drawn to Daniel Brooker. Daniel Brooker is a widower with 2 young children to raise after his wife passed away. He never thought love would find its way to him again but one look at Jenn and he was done for. Now to convince Jenn that he is worth the risk and she can take a chance on love again and on him. Two lost souls who find each other and finally figure out that they are exactly what each other needs to be complete.
  • A sweet second chance romance

    By firecrackermama
    *I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review* The Summer Wedding is the second book in Lucy Kevin's Married in Malibu series. We get the friends to lovers story of Jenn and Daniel. Each character has their own pain from their past marriages which provides a bit of emotional conflict throughout the story, especially with Jenn. As Jenn and Daniel work closely together on a project at work their true feelings for each other are uncovered. Jenn is still hurting from the actions of her ex-husband so she's not as willing to admit to having feelings for Daniel. But Daniel knows what he wants and lays it all out for Jenn. The story was quick but it didn't feel rushed at all since Jenn and Daniel already knew each other prior. Watching them find their HEA was heartwarming. It was a sweet, romantic read without the heat and steamy scenes.
  • As sweet as Jenn's cakes!

    By KLowe1985
    The second installment of Married in Malibu is even sweeter than the first. Jenn, Married in Malibu's baker is not looking for love or anything that even resembles a relationship. Her first husband cheated on her AND denied her love of baking. Daniel, a widower, and the resident photographer is making a career change from a photojournalist in unsafe areas to Married in Malibu to make sure he is home more for his children and also to capture happy. Jenn helps Daniel's children make cupcakes for school and the frosting on the cakes is really the love that begins to blossom between the two of them. Daniel and Jenn both use their skills to bring out the best in each other but are they willing to risk the fact that they are colleagues to work on a relationship. Read this sweet story to see if Married in Malibu will have another successful marriage - this time with two of their own!