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  • I found you

    By 6161maui
    Great read!
  • Decent

    By MorganElyseJobe
    Most reviews say this book has a major twist, but I didn’t feel it had enough umph. Her books tend to have a somewhat sad ending, and this was no different. Decent, but not amazing.
  • Loved it!

    By srb902
    Great story that immediately has you hooked and flipping pages. I loved all of the characters and really started to care about them.
  • Kept me guessing

    By Dr. T2012
    She’s a great writer. So clever. Makes you love her characters.
  • To its

    By jolgtrfcdy
  • Y do k

    By vvcyxmx vxcdvvyvgvvt d
    Yes Med by Vu
  • Great book!

    By watermelonlove3
    This book was suspenseful and thrilling yet a little heat warming... I couldn't put this book down. I loved it.
  • Great Book,

    By verasbookreviewsandstuff.com
    I Found You by author Lisa Jewell, grabs the reader immediately and does not let go until the last page. Filled with twists and turns, intrigue, mystery, and suspense, the reader gasps as each new developments revealed. Author Lisa Jewell created a first-rate mystery suspense novel. With a fast and smooth pace, Jewell, leads the readers from one twist to another seamlessly. Jewell smoothly crafted a tale converging one town and 5 main characters, inter-grading, connecting, and weaving their story-line into one intriguing tale of murder, terror, deception, dependence, and guilt. Weaving the many threads together, Jewell created a novel that will stay with the reader long after they finish the book. Sprinkling emotion and revelations along the story, Jewell, does not reveal the crux of the story-line until absolutely necessary. Using the form of telling the story from the past to present and so on throughout the book, Jewell wove a complex story-line easy to follow and understand. The transitions were smooth and seamless as Jewell takes the reader from past to present and back again. Blown away as Jewell revealed the connections and how the characters relate to each other, I gasp at the interconnections. Amazed at Jewell's talent for suspenseful intrigue, she drew out the story-line without wearying the reader; her talent's evident to the reader from page one. Jewell crafted likeable believable characters and a realistic story-line containing dark secrets, then she wove it all together for a cohesive tale I could not put down. Jewell created an adversary worthy of the title of villain. A psychopath of pure evil, yet, I came to feel a bit sorry for the villain by the end of the book. Yes, Jewell's talent is such that she causes the reader to feel empathy for him. Portraying each many faceted character with depth and developing them throughout the story, I found could not wait to see how this tale would revolve around the characters and resolve. Finally, in concluding my mystery suspense novel review of I Found You, I found a solid novel, well-written and well-developed with an intriguing story-line. In addition, I felt I must give this book 5 well-deserved stars.