The Alan Watts Essentials - Alan Watts

The Alan Watts Essentials

Author: Alan Watts

  • Publication Date: 2016-08-01
  • Category: Spirituality


An invaluable guide on the journey to wisdom and self-understanding Alan Watts remains one of the great interpreters of Eastern wisdom for Westerners, making it accessible for all readers and not just ivory-tower academics. Part of Watts’ genius was his ability to take what seemed esoteric and mystical and bring forth the essence. In so doing, he added greatly to the fabric of Western spirituality. Watts’ deepest study became Buddhism, even spending the latter part of his life at a remote cabin in the woods, meditating each morning, and then writing. This landmark interactive collection, Alan Watts Essentials, is the first book to offer his narration and helpful infographics, shedding new light on his revelatory texts, including thee of his most popular books. Still the Mind comes from Alan Watts’ writing and talks from the cabin years, reflecting a maturity and level of understanding that can only come from years of meditation. What Is Tao? explores the ancient philosophy of Tao and its great wisdom for living well and understanding our natural being. What Is Zen? examines the religious roots of Zen Buddhism, its influence on Eastern and Western culture, its transcendent moments, and approaches to the practice of meditation. Watts saw Zen as “one of the most precious gifts of Asia to the world,” and shares this gift with the world. Alan Watts Essentials, with the unique interactive features, offers an immersive course from the very source, Alan Watts words in his own voice.