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  • Fantastic!!

    By Fyre13
    Love, love, love Crystal and Beah’s story! Highly recommend!
  • Truly, Madly, Loved This Book!

    By cmatinale
    Wow! What a great story about relationships and a girl, Crystal Moon who had been raped in college and as a defense mechanism acted like the tough girl with plenty of one night stands. Enter Bear Whiskey, hot, hot, hot! Who absolutely is crazy over Crystal and stops going out with other women. He only wants her and can’t figure out why she wants nothing to do with him. This is a beautiful written story! I love the Whiskey Series. The men are all swoon worry! I read the book but also listened to the audible and loved the narration by Paul Woodson! He did a fantastic job!
  • Boring

    By Lady kismet
    So boring. I just could not get into it.
  • Truly, Madly, Love this book!

    By Blues Girl 94
    I am a biker chick and I do love a strong tatooed biker man like Bear. He is very protective of family and those he loves. He sticks up for those that get pushed aside and fights for whats right. Bear has been after Crystal for 8 months. He texts her 1 word constantly "Bear". He says he does not want her to forget him. His persistence finally pays off when Crystal agrees to go out with him and walls come down. Bear may be a big bad biker but he has a soft side and Crystal knows how to get him to show his soft side. When I was listening to this I could really hear the emotions in the story. Paul Woodson did a great job narrating and making the story come to life. He has a great voice that sounds just like a tough biker with a soft side that you know all the Whiskey's have. If you like bikers and Sons of Anarchy you will love Truly Madly Whiskey. 🐻
  • Awesome Story!!

    By Jbean168
    I LOVE the Whiskey's!! This story is heartbreaking, sweet, romantic and lots of fun! The characters are are relatable and the story is very well put together! My heart went out to Crystal and all the things she had to deal with and, Bear was AWESOME in how he handled Crystal's anxiety and got her to open up. I want my own Bear!! LOL!!
  • Love, loyalty, heart, and so much soul...

    By Kristie Koste
    Truly, Madly, Whiskey By: Melissa Foster 4.5 Star Review by Kristie K Melissa Foster delivers another amazing novel featuring characters with love, loyalty, heart, and so much soul… A follow-up to Tru Blue; Truly, Madly, Whiskey follows the unforgettable Bear Whiskey and his tireless pursuit of the indomitable Crystal Moon. You could feel their mutual attraction, and off the charts chemistry in Tru Blue, but it explodes even hotter. Each one has their own challenges to overcome, and watching them do so both warms and breaks your heart. With every book I read, I become an even bigger fan of Ms. Foster’s work. She weaves a story, keeping it fresh, fun, and seductive. I loved everything about this book (especially Bear Whiskey himself). It has a gorgeous “5 stars of hotness” cover, a truly captivating blurb that seduces you with its clever intimation, and a story within that is worthy of the highest praise. The character development is on point, with each character their own and a depth that makes your heart sing. The plot and storyline are intuitive and proficient, and executed wonderfully. This book is a definite “must read”, and holds a special place on my kindle bookshelf. Kristie K
  • bad boy bike with a heart of gold

    By jensreadingo
    Bear Whiskey may look like a bad boy biker, but he's really a teddy bear with a heart of gold. He's had eyes for no one but Crystal for almost one year, but he never gave up on her, even when it seemed like she would never give in. She likes Bear, but is afraid of what he makes her feel after events from her past have left her weary. But Bear knows how to push all her buttons, and works hard to bring down her walls. There are plenty of laughs, tears and sexy times along they way, and I have to give Bear credit for letting Crystal set the pace. I was intrigued with the Whiskey siblings in other books by Melissa Foster, and I'm really glad they will be getting their own stories. 4.5 stars I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. I was not compensated for this review, all conclusions are my own.
  • Too short story

    By Susan_the_Great
    I liked the characters in the book, but there was way too much book for such a short story. Ended up just skimming.
  • Fantastic Romantic, Loving, and Sensual Romance

    By BookSnuggle
    Truly, Madly, Whiskey by Melissa Foster This is Crystal Moon and Bear Whiskey's story. Wow! This is a fantastic story! I loved Crystal and Bear's characters. Crystal and Bear both have issues that they are working through. I loved how patient and loving Bear was to Crystal. The style of writing just pulls you in and the story flows so well. This is a romantic, loving, and sensual read! Get comfy and escape into Crystal and Bear's world. You will not be disappointed. FYI, includes mature content. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    By Lynn B888
    Melissa Foster has a magical way with words that weaves its way into your soul and makes you feel like her characters are your close personal friends! She’s really outdone herself with this story! We feel the sexual tension between them instantly and as we get into their story, we feel the compassion and pain they both feel so strongly. Great characters with a mix of sweet and sassy along with a healthy dose of strength and confidence! Can’t wait for more from this family and group of friends! Bear Whiskey knew the day he was introduced to Crystal Moon by his best friend’s girl that she was different. Yes, she was sexy and hot and her sassy mouth really got to him … but besides that, there was just a real connection. No matter how many times she put him off, he patiently pursued her … 8 long months of showing her how great he was finally did the trick. Crystal has weathered many storms in her life, and she’s finally at a point where she thinks she has found her saving grace … until Bear steps into her life and starts stirring up feelings and emotions that she’s not so sure she can handle! She resists him for as long as she can, but when she finally decides to give a relationship a try, she’s terrified it’s all going to explode around her. When secrets are exposed and dreams come to the surface, will these two be able to overcome and heal the hurt as they walk into a brighter tomorrow with each other?