Thrust - Sybil Bartel


Author: Sybil Bartel

  • Publication Date: 2016-12-06
  • Category: Military
4.5 Score: 4.5
(From 624 Ratings)



I know the game. I know the angle. I know how to make you beg.

My hands on your body, my mouth hovering over yours—I'll tell you everything you want to hear. Ten inches of real estate never felt so good.

But don't take my word for it. My client list is long and my motto is short—one single thrust and you're mine. I'm not good at what I do, I'm fantastic. But satisfaction doesn't come cheap. So open your wallet and prepare to forget your name. I'm about to ruin you for any other man.

One single thrust and you're mine.

*THRUST is a sexy standalone book in the Alpha Escort Series.

The Alpha Escort Series:





  • Wow!

    By Terri_999
    Omg wow!!!!!!!!
  • Recommended

    By Anaxkolasi
    Alex is all alpha and unapologetic about his lifestyle as an escort. Olivia is trying to get a charity for veterans off the ground and has put everything she has into an art auction. It is at that auction they first meet and she really can’t stand his attitude, but he is intrigued and wants her immediately. This is close to love at first sight and their relationship progresses really quickly. Will Olivia be able to deal when she finds out what Alex does for a living? Will Alex give up his lifestyle for love? I really enjoyed this book and you get a couple of cameos from the Uncompromising Series.
  • A decent read!

    By house in NYC
    I gave this book 4 stars because I thought it was an easy read that keep my attention. It was predictable, but I thought the characters were believable. Being the spouse of a Marine, I could plainly see Alex, Talon and Jessie easily. Theirs bodies, the way they think, experiences in the military etc. I feel like of this book had been any longer, I would have gotten bored! I recommend it!
  • Former Marines escort service, yummy

    By G000girl
    Alex Vega came home from the two tours in Afghanistan trying to find a way to. Open with civilian life. The choice he made was to become a high paid, and in demand escort. And it was working! Now three years later his bank account is soaring, he has a fancy car and stylish penthouse in South Beach. Lax meets a woman at a charity event for Veterans with PTSD. A cat fight between two of his customers causes problems for the charity.
  • The title fits the book

    By Nina97😁
    Great book !absolutely loved it really catches your attention and has great imagery!!
  • Thrust

    By NatAnt3
    Wow this was definitely a page turner one that you will not want to put down! Looking forward to the next bad boy in the series.
  • Thrust

    By dayzduckz
    It was an awesome book I wish it was longer but none the less great read
  • Incredible

    By Natalie Nikohl
    I will say I got so much more than I initially expected from this sensational story. Just as everyone is saying, the chemistry between Alex Vega (I just like saying his full name) and Olivia (sweetness!) was so absolutely intriguing it pulled me in from the very beginning. I seriously want to read it over, it ended way too soon.
  • Wow I mean WOW!!!

    By $assy Pants
    Talk about great! I couldn't out it down I have called all the girls and they will all be reading it by tomorrow! I love Alex! I love the fact that I couldn't put this book down, the fact that I had to grab the hubby's and take care of it right here and now!!! I mean WOW!
  • Thrust

    By DailyDime1893
    Couldn’t put it down. Funny, fast paced and enjoyable!!