Sweet Somethings - Barbara Freethy

Sweet Somethings

Author: Barbara Freethy

  • Publication Date: 2017-01-17
  • Category: Contemporary
4.5 Score: 4.5
(From 35 Ratings)


From #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy comes a poignant, and charming romance about going home, falling in love and finding yourself. 

Roman Prescott has always lived his life in the shadows. Being invisible meant staying alive—during his troubled childhood and his years as a soldier. But when an injury sends him back to the small town of Fairhope, he can't hide from his past or the light brought forth by a beautiful pastry chef.

Having lost her parents at a young age, Juliette Adams has had her share of tragedy, but now she fills her days making sweet desserts in her bakery and trying to recapture her happy childhood. Then she meets an attractive, brooding man, who is not only tearing down her old house but might just tear apart her fragile future. She's not interested in the tragic love story she was named after—she wants a love that will lift her up, that will last, and this sexy soldier has one foot out the door.

They both know they should ignore the sparks between them, but Valentine's Day fever has lit up the town and old love letters and long-buried secrets keep bringing them together. Can these two wary souls get past their fear of loving and losing to finally win the greatest love of all?

If so, what could be sweeter than that? 


SWEET SOMETHINGS is a full-length standalone novel. But to add a cool twist, it's set in the world of a romantic movie called COFFEE SHOP that is being released on the same day! Both stories (the book and the movie) take place in the same small coastal town, and some of the characters cross over. You can read/watch each separately without missing a beat, as they each have their own independent storylines, but if you'd love to check out both, you'll have even more fun! 


"Freethy is an expert at creating unforgettable characters." Library Journal 

"A warm, moving story of the power of love." NYT Bestselling Author Debbie Macomber on Daniel's Gift

"A warm and wonderful book about love, family and everything that’s important in life. Irresistible! I loved it!" NYT Bestselling Author Susan Elizabeth Phillips on Ask Mariah

"Barbara Freethy brings a tender poignancy to mainstream romantic fiction." Romantic Times Magazine

"In the tradition of Lavyrle Spencer, gifted author Barbara Freethy creates an irresistible tale of family secrets, riveting adventure and heart-touching romance." NYT Bestselling Author Susan Wiggs on Summer Secrets


  • I LOVED this book!!

    By Moosech
    This was such a fantastic story. I'm a huge fan of Barbara Freethy, and this story did not disappoint. The characters were soooooo believable and so easy to connect with. I felt like they were friends of mine that I hang out with. I didn't want the story to end but couldn't wait to find out what happened next. Read it, I promise you will love it too. Thank you Ms. Freethy for another great escape.
  • Great novel!

    By MamaJen2
    Let me tell you how much I loved this book! "Sweet Somethings" is a story about Juliette, a second generation baker, and Roman, a sexy military man who is on medical leave. Their paths cross through an old house that Roman is remodeling and it just happens to be Juliette's childhood home. Their attraction to eachother is something everyone wishes they had in their own life. I absolutely loved their story. It is so cliche to say that I couldn't put it down, but I really COULDN'T!! It was just that good! Well done Barbara! I cannot wait to check out the companion movie!
  • Sweet Somethings

    By LoveDachshunds
    Every time I read one of Barbara's books I have a new favorite book! Sweet Somethings was a really fun read. The small-town setting provided the background for several storylines besides the featured one about Juliette and Roman. Growing up in a small town myself made the book even more enjoyable. I thought the "Wish Cookies" sounded like such a fun Valentine tradition, I wanted to buy one!
  • Sweet Morsel of Delight

    By Momma Tatty
    The small town of Fairhope is the setting for Barbara's new story Sweet Something's. I do believe the town's name is very fitting. Roman Prescott and Juliette Adams did not receive a fair shake in their younger lives - Juliette had to leave when she was a young child due to the sudden death of her parents and she returns as an adult to follow in her dad's shoes to open a bakery hoping she will find the happiness she had as a child living in her family home. Roman came to town as a young high schooler to live with his grandfather. The town had him pegged as setting a house on fire. He left town to join the Marines only returning to recover from an injury hoping to return to the Marines. Roman and Juliette want happiness but both believe they can't find it together. Love has a funny way on sneaking up on two people who both deserve happiness. There is a movie called the Coffee Shop placed in the town of Fairhope. The movie is about the owner of the town's Coffee Shop quest for happiness. I enjoyed the book more and would love to see more stories about the families of this town.
  • Sweet Somethings is a Sweet Read!

    By Grinandstampit
    Barbara Freethy delivers in this sweet story of Juliette who has moved back to her childhood hometown. She follows in her father's footsteps and opens a bakery. Juliette meets the town's bad boy, Roman, who is home on medical leave from the Marines. They form a friendship of sorts. It is a great read. This book was full of fun and surprises. Kudos to Barbara Freethy.
  • I want my own wish cookie!

    By KLowe1985
    Juliette moves back to Fairhope, Alabama after wining a baking competition to open a bakery and to purchase her childhood home but what she does not expect is to find more than her memories in the home. Juliette finds Roman, the owner's grandson and a military man healing after battle injuries, doing renovations but she also finds a man that is quite attractive. Sweet Something will make you long for your own bakery that sells Wish cookies for Valentine's Day. Find out how the hopes of a number of people in Fairhope are granted, maybe even Juliette's - and she didn't even know she had one. Sweet Somethings is a fantastic read that easily delves into great characters and makes you want to live in Fairhope, Alabama and most definitely get your own wish cookie. The novel is also connected to the movie "The Coffee Shop" and I definitely want to watch the movie to learn more about Donovan, the town's coffee shop

    By Ellen/Oceanside
    SWEET SOMETHING a coffee shop novel by Barbara Freethy. A definite winner again for Barbara. For those of us who love old Victorian houses and the sweet smells of a bakery. The town is called Fairhope. We have a returning soldier, Roman helping his grandfather with restoring a Victorian house. Not just any, but the special one that Juliette grew up in. hoping someday to buy it. Then again maybe she would be better off leaving the past and look to the future. All the changes in her life since losing her parents , and the house since she was twelve. She owns a bakery and loves making the sweet deserts for people. That too is the memories of doing it with her Dad. Can these two people who have walls, and hurts around them, find a future without the walls, and love. A delightful book that would be enjoyable to read by all. Given ARC by author for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.
  • Swee Somethings by Barbara Freethy

    By Jen G F
    ARC for honest review with no compensation, Like all of Barbara Freethy’s books this one is another hit! ! ! Well done, Barbara. Roman a handsome, sexy alpha, hurt in action, Marine has come back to Fairhope after 13 yrs away to recover from his injuries and to help his grandfather refurbish a home he purchased. He left at the age of 18 to join the military and get away from a town that thinks he is nothing but a troublemaker. Roman is just going to stay in town for as long as it takes him to recover on his medical leave so he can go back in the military, but along the way he meets Juliette…… Juliette grew up in Fairhope but at the age of 12 her parents died and she moved to live with her aunt in New York. Her father was a baker and so she took all her lessons from her father and went on to win a baking contest and decided that Fairhope was calling her back home to the only real home she knew. She wants to make the bakery a success and be able to live in Fairhope and hopefully purchased the home she lived in before her parents died. She knows someone has purchased the home but when she goes by she see that they are tearing the house apart and she is determined to talk with someone to make sure the house stays at it was years before except…………………..she meets Roman………. Attractions run sizzling for both Roman and Juliette but Roman doesn’t want to fall for her because he will be leaving sooner rather than later and Juliette is afraid that if she lets herself fall for him he will only break her heart… Then Roman discovers a hidden box in the house that he thinks belongs to Juliette’s family…only it doesn’t and now these two are working together to find the owner of the box and while doing this they are drawn deeper in to each other…..but…….. Magic cookies, a hidden box, past hurts and feelings of attraction…will these two find their HEA or will they go their separate ways??????
  • Good read

    By ledoss
    Enjoyed this, let me just say it "sweet story". I have now watched the movie and enjoyed this story more than the movie. This reminds me of those old Harlequin Romance books. Good light read.