Whiskey Secrets - Carrie Ann Ryan

Whiskey Secrets

Author: Carrie Ann Ryan

  • Publication Date: 2018-01-02
  • Category: Contemporary
4 Score: 4
(From 605 Ratings)


Sparks fly between a former cop-turned-bartender and his new innkeeper in the first installment of a Montgomery Ink spin-off series from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan. 

Dare Collins is a man who knows his whiskey and women—or at least that’s what he tells himself. When his family decides to hire on a new innkeeper for the inn above his bar and restaurant, he’s more than reluctant. Especially when he meets the new hire. But he’ll soon find that he has no choice but to work with this city girl and accept her new ideas and the burning attraction between them.

Kenzie Owens left her old life and an abusive relationship behind her—or so she thought. She figures she’ll be safe in Whiskey, Pennsylvania but after one look at her new boss, Dare Collins, she might still be in danger, or at least her heart. And when her past catches up with her despite her attempts to avoid it, it’s more than her heart on the line. This time, it might mean her life. 


  • Whiskey secrets

    By Mag68
    By Carrie Ann ryan A little dark story line a little different from the Montgomery ink story line! Bookbub
  • Author not afraid to address touchy subjects

    By 1Alannah
    If you're looking for a hot steamy book then Whiskey Secrets is for you. There are several situations that Kenzie and Dare had to face but thru it all friends and family were there for love and support. Carrie Ryan addressed domestic violence, single parenting, grief and lack of self worth in this series.
  • Nope

    By straighttalker198
  • Whiskey Secrets

    By Grandma PNR
    A good start to a new series spin off. Dare and Kinizie are a good couple who both have secrets that won't let them believe that they can be happy. Enjoyed the story. Voluntarily reviewed
  • Great read!!

    By Rhiltonnm
    These two were electric from the start. Both have to find their real selves so that they can be stronger together. Their chemistry is off the charts and they make the other better!!!! Love Dare!
  • Help

    By Grnidmom
    Tried downloading this book on iBooks n it goes threw them says not available anymore! What is going on?
  • I am in love with Dare

    By JamieMB
    I was lucky enough receive an ARC copy of this book. Thank you Carrie Ann Ryan for giving me the opportunity to read it first. I am in love with Dare. He deserves to be happy. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Please if you have not read this book pick it up now, you won't regret it!
  • Loved Dare and Kenzie

    By meggle50
    I really enjoyed this new book which is a spin off of the Montgomery Ink world. We get to have a closer look at Tabbys brothers starting with Dare. Dare runs the bar and restaurant attached to his parents bed and breakfast. His parents getting older and wanting some more free time bring in Kenzie. Of course this doesn’t sit well with Dare and he takes it out in Kenzie at first as she is right there. Slowly as he starts to see the his parents did what was good for them and that they weren’t leaving him out on purpose, he starts to let himself get to know Kenzie better. He also has an ex and a sone and that makes it hard for him to want to start a relationship. Kenzie isn’t looking for a relationship as she is trying to make a new start for herself away from her ex. Her brother isn’t much of a help either. Slowly she gets to know Dare and the relationship takes off from there. I loved these new characters and seeing everyone around them. Both are strong willed people. Kenzie may feel that she isn’t strong but when it counts she is. Dare is all about the people he cares about and will protect them no matter what. Sometimes he feels like he deserves the bad things that have happened to him but slowly he is learning he deserves the good as well. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good romance. Looking forward to meeting the rest of the Collins men.
  • Come visit Whiskey!

    By mrsliedy
    I received an ARC for an honest review. First I must say that I was terribly sad to see the end of the Montgomery series. CAR is my favorite author and she never falls into the trap of repetitive stories. She has done a great job once again bringing us a new family and town to love. Dare and Kenzie are a wonderful couple. CAR did an excellent job with the emotional issues for this couple. I can’t wait for the next two books in this series. Whiskey Secrets is another hit that you shouldn’t miss.
  • Sweetly sexy romance!

    By Cali Jewel
    Starting off 2018 with an awesome new series!! Sweetly sensual, emotionally thrilling, action packed and engaging romantic journey that stays with you and warms your heart. Dare Collins is a former cop turned bartender and a sexy, strong alpha male that is not to thrilled with his family's decision to hire a new innkeeper for the Inn above his bar. Kenzie Owens is a sweet, sexy and smart new innkeeper leaving her unpleasant past behind her (or so she thinks) to start a new life in Whiskey, PA. Sparks fly between them from the start and they both try their best to resist the magnetic pull between them. Loved every heart pounding twist and turn in this highly entertaining reading adventure.