Rekindled, A Christmas Novella - Marliss Melton

Rekindled, A Christmas Novella

Author: Marliss Melton

  • Publication Date: 2016-12-23
  • Category: Contemporary


Navy SEAL Alex Morrigan anticipates a joyous reunion with his former girlfriend, Tori Wilde. Even after a two-year break to focus on their careers, she is still the only woman he wants. And now that he’ll be stationed near their home town of Edenton, North Carolina, Alex figures it’s time to rekindle their relationship. What could go wrong?
When Alex drops unexpectedly back into Tori’s life and into her bakery, her feelings rise up like a loaf of fresh gingerbread. True, she’s now almost engaged to the best catch in the county. True, she has a successful business and a plan for her life. And true, she’s never stopped thinking about her first love, Alex. Everything in her life has changed, except her fear of loving a Navy SEAL on active duty. Yet while her practical mind tells her one thing, her fast-beating heart says something else. What if she makes a decision she’ll regret forever?