A Dream of Redemption - Bronwen Evans

A Dream of Redemption

Author: Bronwen Evans

  • Publication Date: 2018-02-20
  • Category: Historical
4 Score: 4
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A forbidden love and a chilling mystery tease the senses in this sensuous historical romance from the USA Today bestselling author of A Kiss of Lies and A Love to Remember.

Bookish and independent Lady Helen Hawkestone is expected to marry well. But, having grown up with warring parents, the institution holds little appeal. The trick, she realizes, is to marry for love—a task that’s easier said than done. Only while Helen is raising funds for her do-gooder sister’s orphanage does she meet a man who arouses her curiosity. Lowborn and yet so dignified that Helen can’t help but try to elicit a response, Clary Homeward is an enigma—a heart-stopping, body-stirring, forget-her-social-upbringing enigma.

A single offense against a noblewoman such as Lady Helen would ruin a man like Clary. Her sister, Marisa, rescued him from hellish poverty and employs him with her charity work. Try as he might to push her away, Helen tempts him to want things he could never have. But when girls from the orphanage start disappearing, destined for a grim fate Clary knows all too well, Helen insists on helping. And soon Clary wonders whether something more were not just possible but inevitable—even right.

Praise for A Dream of Redemption

“I have seldom seen this type of story done with such care and intelligence. A truly unforgettable love story by Bronwen Evans, who seems to surpass herself with every book she writes.”Fresh Fiction

“One of the most complex romances I have ever read . . . This is a book that held me captive. . . . [A Dream of Redemption] must be read by anyone who craves a deeply moving romance.”—Buried Under Romance (five stars)

“A beautiful story of acceptance, self-forgiveness, familial love and learning to not let your past define you . . . You must read this book.”—Flippin’ Pages

“An enjoyable read.”—Top 10 Romance Books

“Fans of Regency romances will definitely enjoy this book.”—Two Ends of the Pen

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  • Very good!

    By Stanhop3234
    After living through her parents volatile marriage Lady Helen Hawkestone has no interest in marriage unless fate brings her love. She had no idea it would be the boy she once met outside her sister Marisa’s sick room five years ago. Clarence “Clary” Homeward knows how low in life one can get even if he had no choice in the matter. When he helped to save Lady Marisa she in turn gave him and his brother Simon a chance at a new life with a future that he craved. Clary sparks feeling in Helen that she’s never had for another man and she knows fate has lead him to her. Wanting to spend time with him Helen begs Marisa to let her help with the new orphanage. Clary has pined for Helen since the day he met her and knows this will lead to heartbreak but he longs to spend time with her. Helen could not of foreseen how her life would change that day. Her innocent and naive look at the world would be forever shattered and her feelings for Clary would only grow by the day. Clary loves Helen but his shame of the past still chocks him and the fear of losing the life and freedom he’s worked so hard for was a wall Helen may never break through. Helen wants Clary but only if he’s willing to fight for her and the life he deserves. Helen was beautiful but cared nothing for the ton and their ways. She was a strong and very bullheaded woman and when she wanted something she went after it. Clary was a strong proud but conflicted man, he had a life’s path and goal that he would not sway from. Fate had other plans if he’d only believe and see he deserved more. I love this series and I can’t wait for the next book.
  • An Easy Man To Love

    By Gallowaygirly
    I voluntarily read an Advance Review Copy of this book through Netgalley. The Disgraced Lord Series has been a great series and this book is a great addition. Helen has decided if she is to marry, fate will step in and present him to her. Clary’s past is not what any family would want their daughter to marry but Helen does not hold to these standards. The story is full of intrigue, danger, kidnapping and a new found love. I have loved all the books in this series and this one is a great read. I would highly recommend this book and any of the others in this series.