The Nutribullet® Recipe Book - David Ortner

The Nutribullet® Recipe Book

Author: David Ortner

  • Publication Date: 2017-07-11
  • Category: Beverages


The Nutribullet® Recipe Book

Easy, delicious Nutribullet recipes to help you LOOK and FEEL amazing!

Do you have a Nutribullet? If yes, congratulations! You own one of the best tools out there to live a healthy life the easy way! The Nutribullet is a powerful nutrition extractor which turns healthy foods into superfoods. Even better, it’s so easy to use, especially when you have dozens of simple recipes at your fingertips!

In The Nutribullet® Recipe Book, author Elizabeth Greene brings you her favorite Nutribullet recipes. You’ll find everything you need to stay healthy and never get bored. The book contains over 60 recipes, everything from healthy green smoothies to hearty soups to delicious cocktails and decadent desserts.

It’s time to change your life the easy way! Grab your Nutribullet, then pick up your copy of The Nutribullet Recipe Book to burn more fat and lose more weight all while saving time and enjoying delicious foods!