Drawn to the Marquess - Bronwen Evans

Drawn to the Marquess

Author: Bronwen Evans

  • Publication Date: 2018-09-04
  • Category: Historical
4.5 Score: 4.5
(From 48 Ratings)


Destined to go blind, a rake sets his sights on the toast of society, lighting a fire of passion that scorches the night, in this captivating novel from USA Today bestselling author Bronwen Evans.

Stephen Hornsby, the Marquess of Clevedon, has one goal: to see every exquisite thing he can before he goes blind. His greatest joy, watching a woman shuddering in the throes of passion, will be gone. But before the darkness descends, he is determined to seduce a magnificent widow, Lady Penelope Fisherton. Unfortunately, his rakish reputation has preceded him; Lady Penelope spurns his advances. Being a man who relishes a challenge, however, her reluctance adds only luster to his desire for the last beautiful sight he’ll ever see.

Considered the belle of London society, Lady Penelope was married to a scoundrel who cared for no one but himself. Now that she’s free, she wants nothing to do with love, passion, or desire—emotions that abandoned her with a cruel husband. So why does her body react when Stephen smiles? As much as she’d like to avoid the rogue, her brother-in-law wants her fortune, and he’ll kill to get it. Stephen is willing to help, but he’ll take only one thing in return: Her. In his bed.

Praise for Drawn to the Marquess

“Beautifully done! Drawn to the Marquess is a moving, touching romance of two people who prove to be exactly what each other needs at exactly the right time. I fell in love with Penelope and Stephen!”—New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Ashley

“Brimming with passion, intrigue, and tenderness, Bronwen Evans’s latest is spectacular! A perfectly brilliant page-turning romance.”USA Today bestselling author Collette Cameron

Drawn to the Marquess will captivate and seduce you. Bronwen Evans is a gem in Regency romance.”Internationally bestselling author Tracy Goodwin

“Passion. Intrigue. Saucy banter. Bronwen Evans has penned another must-read romance that gives the perfect hot peek into the Regency era. I couldn’t put this scorching page-turner down!”—Maeve Greyson, author of the Highland Protector series

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  • Good

    By Stanhop3234
    3.5* Lady Penelope Fisherton needs help. She’s about to loose everything she holds dear if she doesn’t convince Stephen Hornsby, the Marquess of Clevedon to help her. When she fails to win bid on a painting she hoped to us to sway him to help her she is lost as what to do. Stephen is intrigued by the fair haired beauty that was set to win the painting. When they meet and he finds out what she wants they broker a deal. He helps her and she allows him to seduce her. After living six years with a vile man and finally free of him she’s vowed never to be tempted by a man again. Stephen can try, but Penelope will have no problem blocking his attempts at seductive, or so she thought. As their relationship grows and secrets are revealed its getting harder to deny their feelings. Stephen knows Penelope is hiding something, Penelope knows she needs to tell Stephen but will he believe her or think she was only using him? Suspense, laughter and tears run through out this book and some really good sexy times. This was not one of may favorite books that I’ve read of Ms. Evans. I had a hard time relating to the characters. Penelope was not likable in the beginning and I feared that this book was not going to be worth reading. I’m so glad I continued, Penelope and Stephen's relationship began and Penelope started to evolve and I began to see her in a new light. This book was a good read and I can’t wait for the next Bronwen Evans book.
  • An Emotional Wonderful read

    By lfdykes
    When I read the blurb on this book I could not wait to read it. One of my favorite tropes in the wounded/damaged hero or heroine and this gave me that in abundance. It warms my heart to see them have hope and find love because everyone is not perfect. Stephen Hornsby, the Marquess of Clevedon is going blind, just like his father who killed himself when he was young. Determined to see and experience all the beauty he can before that fatal day comes, He sets out to seduce beautiful widower, Lady Penelope. But she has her own agenda when she gets his attention and needs him to help her. Two beautiful people, full of secrets and strong emotions. One determined to have her in his bed and one just as determined to not allow herself to feel love, passion or desire. Her dead husband had killed all of those feelings in her, or did he? This story gripped me from the beginning and as the pages turned, there was a mystery, secrets held and such strong emotions with these two. Due to the author's wonderful descriptions and amazing prose, I fell in love with these characters and only wanted them to find love and happiness. I recommend this story tenfold and although part of a series it can be read as a standalone. Thank you Bronwen Evans for a wonderful book. I cannot wait for more.
  • Absolutely Delicious!

    By Astroyic
    Another absolutely, delicious story by Bronwen Evans that will captivate and seduce her readers into staying up into the wee hours of the morning. Beautifully written, with likable characters, whose every interaction sizzles with attraction and heat, making them jump off the pages. Stephen Hornsby, The Marquess Of Clevedon, has been losing his sight for some time now, and fears he will become blind like his father. He has been on a quest to see every beautiful thing and to imprint it to his memory. When he sees Lady Penelope Fisherton at Sotheby’s Auction House the instant hit of lust rushing through his body reminds him that to be unable to see such beauty will be a punishment worse than death and he slowly drank in the beautiful luscious woman. He knew then he had to have her in his bed. Lady Penelope was a widow who had eloped eight years ago with Mr David Carmichael. After losing everything because she let her cad of a husband seduce her at the age of eighteen, she had to endure abuse and neglect at her husbands’ hands. A year ago her husband died under suspicious circumstances. He was found at the bottom of the cliff. Now her brother-in-law was trying to implicate her in her husbands’ death. And she needed, The Marquess Of Clevedon’s help. When the Marquess finely comes to call on her a week later they both strike a bargain with the other. He will help her prove her innocence if is she will let him try to seduce her. Get ready for more than some hot romance and seduction, as danger, intrigue, and as well as some twists and turns adds an edge to this Swoonworthy, Romance. Do they get a HEA? You will need to read this to find out. Loved this. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.