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  • Wow, just wow😍

    By Army Spouse
    This is book 3 of 4, and I cannot stop reading Anna Zaire’s story. I love the blooming and blossoming of their story. Peter is sexy and alluring. They are hot together, and most of all they evolve together. I will be reading the conclusion of their story soon. 🥰
  • Loved it

    By TP Rodriguez
    I loved this book couldn't put it down. After the car accident and feeling better Peter and his teammates take Sara back home to Japan. Peter tells the guys that he has scheduled a meeting with Novak to discuss Julian Esguerra. One morning Peter is told that Sara's mom was in an car accident and that it didn't look good. Peter told Sara what happened to her mother and also that he was sending her back home. When Sara was dropped at the hospital she saw her father who was stunned to see her there, but she was immediately taking in for questioning by the FBI. After weeks turned into months Sara started to think that maybe something had happened to Peter so she started working again and going out with her friends. Peter made a deal with Novak that would pay him and his teammates for the rest of their lives, but Peter also had a plan of his own. When Peter's plan was successful he went back to Sara who was in shock to see him especially in public and no FBI's around. Peter explained to Sara what had happened and the deal he made that also included his list, but he aslo had a surprise for Sara that she didn't want. Henderson the last name on Peter's list has a list of his own.
  • The story continues....can't get enough of Peter and Sarah!

    By lovesbooks6565
    I found Anna Zaires accidentally and have been hooked! I have been looking forward to Peter's story ever since the Twist Me trilogy. Even though Sarah and Peter spend a good portion of the book apart, I especially enjoyed Peter's interaction with Julian. I felt Sarah's part was a bit lacking. Also I was getting tired of her constant back and forth regarding her feelings for Peter. Hopefully in the 4th and final book, she can come to terms with her feelings for Peter and stick to them! On the other hand, Peter and his obsessive love for Sarah has never faltered. I hope Yan gets a book because he is an intriguing character! I do understand why there is a 4th book and really hope to see more of Julian and Kent!
  • Disappointed

    By 123Greek123
    I thought this would be the final installment of this series and now understand there will be one more book. I loved the first two books and could hardly wait for Destiny Mine to come out. I’ve read thru half the book (having skimmed thru a lot of it). This book isn’t as good as the first two and I hope the final book will be better.
  • Destiny mine

    By Evelina01
    I loved it i like your books so Much I can’t Wait to go out and actually buy the books so I can reread again thinking about starting from the beginning.
  • Peter and Sara in a whole new world

    By NajahIman
    I loved every chapter and every sentence! Each word was like a gift, that I chose to savor slowly. I’m so in love with this story, and I don’t think this review will do it justice. I mean I’m simply hooked on Peter and Sarahs story!! I was super excited to finally get a chance to read this third installment of Peter and Sara’s relationship (if you want to call it that). This third book introduces us to a new side of Peter as well as huge changes for Sara. I can’t say much without spoiling it with spoilers, but it’s every bit as good as the first two books, and I’ll be anxiously awaiting number four. The real ness in the characters, makes me feel like, these are people I know in real life. Like they are friends, that I’m going to miss and want to check up on. Such great characters and an addictive story to follow. 5 bright shining stars!
  • Superb and riveting

    By MagicalRi
    5 unbelievable stars. Let me begin this by saying that I had not read the first two of this series. That, however, did not deter me from being able to pick up where the previous two books had left off. The author did an exceptional job giving just the right amount of backstory to not leave me in the dark. And also enough backstory to prompt me to go back and read this series in order. Now, that being said let me say that this book knocked my socks off. It was well crafted. The plot was ON POINT. Talk about suspense and anticipation. Good Lord. This author and the specific mellifluous way that she weaves her words is nothing short of bliss. Sublime bliss. I am truly in awe. This book was more about an extreme situation and two unlikely characters finding truly unequivocal love (although that is a huge part of it), It is about finding love and light amongst the dark. Not everything is black or white. Sometimes it is in the gray area that someone can realize that it is okay to find love outside the box. She created a character, Peter, that is bad juxtaposed with good. I shouldn't love him because of his actions but then I do BECAUSE of his actions. Quite the conundrum. The author then creates Sara. Sweet holy hell, Sara. A woman that is both a victim and a woman battling with herself. She has guilt, after all, what woman would fall for her Peter if they had also been in her shoes? The dictates of society and her family and friends would never understand. Yet, as she learns that sometimes it is okay to color outside the lines. He loves her and she loves him. The feelings are real. This isn't the story of unrequited love. It is real. It is Raw. It is EVERYTHING! AAlso, this author knows how to give fantastic steamy moments. Sweet holy titfire. Their connection is off the charts. Then that ending... Sweet, holy Mary, Joseph, Gabriel, and Baby Jesus... I cannot even... Patience is not a virtue for me. I need babies and a HEA. Highly recommend this book. HIGHLY! I would suggest starting at the first book, but if you don't you will figure it out. I am intending to go back and rectify this right now.
  • Superb

    By DameJM
    Anna has done it again.. This book was again captivating from the go. You just can’t put it down.. I really enjoy all of Anna’s series, you fall in love with the characters.. This book will leave you mesmerized and enthralled as you wait for the final book.. Thank You Anna Zaires.. Now I have to start my second re-reading, once is never enough.
  • Loved it ❤️

    By Suzyfrench
    I'm absolutely in LOVE with this series. Anna Zaires has floored me with Destiny Mine the third book of this amazing series .I loved that the storyline draws you in and that its so hard to stop reading it, the complexity, darkness and sexuality will keep you riveted. I find the characters Peter and Sara very compelling and their love and passion for each other something to dream about. I can't wait to see where the story takes us next and I hope I do not have that long of a wait for book 4. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a book that has it all, action, adventure and an amazing love story.
  • Another Excellent Story by Anna

    By Little2Nemo
    Destiny Mine did not disappoint and kept the excitement and intensity up through the whole book. Destiny Mine is the third book in Peter Sokolov's story following Obsession Mine and Tormentor Mine. In this book we see Peter get his team together and get ready for his assignation attempt on Julian Esguerra, while Peter also keeps trying to find his last man on his list for the death of his wife and child. I hold a strong love for Julian and when Obsession Mine ended I was ready to cry. While Peter is away we see Sara arrive back to the states and get back to her semi normal life prior to her being kidnapped by Peter. We see Sara starting to practice again along with pursuing her singing further by joining a band. Through out the book we see both Peter and Sara deal with many emotions and hardships regarding their relationship and being separated. This book follows a rollercoaster approach by having ups and downs and corkscrews and leads to a semi happy ending for both Sara and Peter. But as we all know this is not the final book of the series, we do see a cliff hanger that makes the stomach tingle inside again for what is to come. Anna Zaires continues to put out intense, sexual and adventurous stories that do not disappoint and leave you wanting more. This book is a stand alone and ends with a small cliff hanger, if you don't like cliff hangers wait till the next book comes out. I had received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Keep up the great work Anna!!!