The Cliff House - RaeAnne Thayne

The Cliff House

Author: RaeAnne Thayne

  • Publication Date: 2019-03-26
  • Category: Contemporary
4.5 Score: 4.5
(From 159 Ratings)


Three women—two sisters and their aunt—and the cliff house on the northern California coast that served as a beacon to them all…

After the death of their mother, sisters Daisy and Beatriz Davenport found a home with their aunt Stella in the beautiful and welcoming town of Cape Sanctuary. They never knew all the dreams that Stella sacrificed to ensure they had everything they’d ever need. Now, with Daisy and Bea grown, it’s time for Stella to reveal the secret she’s been keeping from them—a secret that will change their family forever.

Bea thought she’d sown all her wild oats when she got pregnant far too young. The marriage that followed was rocky and not destined to last, but it gave Bea her wonderful, mature, now eleven-year-old daughter, Marisol. But just as she’s beginning to pursue a new love with an old friend, Bea’s ex-husband resurfaces and turns their lives completely upside down.

Then there’s Daisy—sensible, rational, financially prudent Daisy. She’s never taken a risk in her life—until she meets a man who makes her question everything she thought she knew about life, love and the power of taking chances.

In this heartwarming story, Stella, Bea and Daisy will discover that the path to true happiness is filled with twists and turns, but love always leads them back home.

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  • Fan of RaeAnne Thayne

    By 1 Banker
    I’ve read several RaeAnne Thayer books & have thoroughly enjoyed each & every one. She writs characters that you truly want to spend time with & hate to let go of when the book ends. Her plots are all so different from all of the others, no cookie cutter books to be found. Every time I buy another of her books, it immediately goes to the top of my list for the book I read next. I highly recommend this book & all of her books!
  • Heartwarming story

    By Sherbear866
    A very heartwarming story. But it had a very complicated storyline. As always you could tell Raeanne Thayne put everything into this book. A definite must read story. You can't go wrong reading this authors books.
  • Secrets, heartache, and love

    By Marge_Roberts
    This is a wonderful novel about the secrets and heartaches of two sisters, Bea and Daisy, and their aunt Stella. Cape Sanctuary is located on the northern coast of California, with cliffs that provide stunning views of the ocean. Bea’s 11-year-old daughter, Marisol, is ecstatic when her superstar father, Cruz, has returned to one of is homes for an extended visit. He wants Bea back in his life, who he still considers to be his wife, even though they have been divorced for years. Gabe, Shane, and Ed with his daughter Rowan play a big part in this story, changing everything for Bea, Daisy, and Stella. All of the secrets and the way their lives intertwine with each other are beautifully woven together. Each woman tries to weigh keeping silent about things that could be hurtful to each other against the truth. In deciding how their future will be lived while being highly influenced by their past, each must learn to trust in others. I loved this novel!
  • The Cliff these characters

    By Amy Rad
    Enter the beautiful town of Cape Sanctuary, where Daisy and her sister Beatriz had been raised by their Aunt Stella. At the store to buy a cake for their aunts birthday, Daisy wonders why a man was staring at her. Then he asks if they’ve met. Assuring the stranger they haven’t she hurries away. Aunt Stella had been a foster care parent and now she has a big secret. How will her nieces react? Beas ex husband, Cruz, has asked Daisy, a financial advisor, over to discuss his. But wait, the stranger is there. His name is Gabriel, who had recently saved Cruz’s life Gabe is recovering from the injury he received while saving Cruz. He can’t stop thinking about that Daisy Daisy has a secret and private haven. Hearing a noise, she finds Gabe at the door holding a muddy dog he found and was trying to find the owner. He notices paint under her nails and asks if she’s an artist, making her uncomfortable. No she says, the painter is Marguerite and I handle business transactions for her. Daisy has a secret, about Marguerite, or she did until now. Will Bea and Cruz reunite? Will Stella tell her secret? Who is Marguerite? And most of all....Gabe....and Daisy......will they ..... or won’t they?
  • Simply perfect!

    By Elizabeth Ness
    Simply perfect! This book has SO much charisma!! I could NOT stop turning pages. The Cliff House leaves you with a heart filled with love. RaeAnne Thayne has that magical ability to draw you in right from the start, and keep your heart on a string all throughout the book. You become so invested in her characters. So invested in their outcome. Your heart becomes so very attached. An emotional, heart breaking, heart warming, quick read that leaves you wanting more. I absolutely recommend The Cliff House. RaeAnne Thayne’s books are gifts that feed the soul.