The Power of Borrowed Money - Kola Adedokun MBA ACIB

The Power of Borrowed Money

Author: Kola Adedokun MBA ACIB

  • Publication Date: 2018-06-29
  • Category: Education


The Power of Borrowed Money was born out of practical banking and finance experience, especially in the area of borrowing and lending. It is the summary of interactions with people across the globe in respect of the individuals experience in growing credit and debt problems. The book was written in simple words to gain maximum insight into lending and borrowing methods with optimal benefits for both the lender and the borrower in the formal and informal sectors. It provided sound knowledge on how to safe breath on the darts of unnecessary debts emanating from all angles in the present time. The methods of settling overdue loan and raising cheap funds to cushion the effects of hard times and solve the problem of cash flow were discussed. It supported the wisdom in taking credit to increase investment assets. It also exposed the risks involved in increasing debt to acquire liability assets. The book clearly highlighted the humbling and easy ways to break the yoke of debt before it breaks those who are entangled in it. The self-explanatory action points at the end of each chapter are to safeguard everyone from unnecessary debts and its negative effects.