The Potting Shed - Graham Greene

The Potting Shed

Author: Graham Greene

  • Publication Date: 2018-08-07
  • Category: Theater


From the British novelist, this Tony Award–winning drama of family secrets delivers “brilliantly effective . . . enormously provocative . . . theatrical suspense” (New York Post).

The Callifer family has assembled in the English country home of Wild Grove where its patriarch—a once-renowned rationalist and man of letters—nears death. Arriving unexpectedly to pay his respects is his son, James, a pariah among the Callifers, who finds a dark veil still drawn over his mysterious childhood. It was decades ago, when James was fourteen, that something happened to him in the garden shed, a black hole in his memories. For everyone else, it’s an unforgettable source of unease—and for some, unforgiveable. To discover the truth, James seeks out his ostracized uncle, an alcoholic priest with nothing left to lose. What unfolds makes for “some of the most moving, forceful and compelling theatre since Eugene O’Neill” (The Harvard Crimson).

Graham Greene’s Tony Award–winning work for the stage made its Broadway debut in 1957 and was hailed by the New York Times as “an original drama that probes deep into the spirit and casts a spell.”