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  • Reel of Fortune

    By PushpushStable
    Witty humor, twisty mystery, and excellent writing all lend to an entertaining book.
  • Superb as always!!

    By Krowan98
    Jana never disappoints. It is a must read and I certainly enjoyed every word of it!
  • Hook, Line, and Blinker

    By Hayestrent
    Jana Deleon delivers again and again. Her books are delightfully funny and a good mystery all in one. I highly recommend her books!
  • New Beginnings

    By math wizard
    Another excellent humorous mystery! The three ladies are at it again. Fortune is staying in Sinful after Ahmad has been removed. She has quit the CIA and decided to stay in Sinful. Telling people the truth has to be done and proves to be a bit of a challenge. Some accept and other still do not like or believe her like Celia. The ladies have gone fishing but Fortune learns it is a fishing rodeo. Murder occurs and Amy is involved. Fortune has to help and Ida Belle and Gertie are right there to help. Gertie has some new things to do and she is very unusual. The Swamp Team 3 has a new case because they are helping Amy! Carter and Fortune are a work in progress but it will be an interesting and challenging process! What will Fortune do well it has been bandy about her becoming a PI. Should prove very interesting in the next book! I highly recommend this book and the series!
  • Reel of Fortune

    By JoLovesToReadYes
    Jana DeLeon never fails to satisfy readers!! Absolutely love the Fortune series! Finishing a story just has me anxiously waiting for the next one!
  • Fortune series

    By Rubyvik8888
    If you haven't read these books DO IT NOW. I laugh, I cry they are so well written. I have the entire series and when I'm down they're my go to books to bring a little sunshine back. One thing don't read them at work people think your crazy when you bust out laughing at one of Gertie's shenanigans.
  • Great Series!

    By MannoRE
    Funny and fast paced.
  • So much fun!

    By Jabcota94
    This book moved a mile a minute. I just love the adventures of Fortune, Ida and Gertie !

    By LGHudson
    Reel of Fortune (A Miss Fortune Mystery Book 12) by Jana DeLeon is Fabulously Entertaining! Fortune Is back in Sinful for good only now she’s back as her real self, Fortune Redding, ex-CIA Agent. DeLeon has Fortune reveal her status to the residents in a unforgettable scene starring one of the whole town’s biggest nemesis. DeLeon’s fantastic cast of characters - Fortune, Ida Belle, Gertie, Ally, Carter, Walter and others - our lives and return for another action-packed adventure full of stealthy spy tactics, misadventures of almost getting caught while “investigating,” trying to save poor Ally’s reputation and attempting to keep a romance going all while working to solve a murder. DeLeon’s Miss Fortune Series never disappoint! Always exciting and always entertaining!
  • Love this book!

    By ToughTiny123
    I love this book!!! It’s nonstop laughs and a great read. I couldn’t put my book down. Jana writes the best stories I’m so glad that Fortune gets a new beginning I can’t what to read what will happen next.