The Christmas Scorpion: A Jack Reacher Story - Lee Child

The Christmas Scorpion: A Jack Reacher Story

Author: Lee Child

  • Publication Date: 2018-10-02
  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers
3.5 Score: 3.5
(From 354 Ratings)


In a new short story available exclusively as an ebook, Jack Reacher’s spending the holidays in California. The last thing he expects is a blizzard—or a visit from the world’s deadliest assassin.
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On Christmas Eve, Jack Reacher stumbles into a no-name bar in the California desert, desperate to take refuge from an unexpected snowstorm. Reacher came to Barstow for a little R&R. Instead, he’s sequestered in a dark little roadhouse with a bartender, a bewildered elderly couple—and two members of Britain’s Royal Military Police. They tell Reacher they were escorting a VIP to a top-secret meeting at a U.S. military base when they became separated from their charge. That’s when the threat came in from a notorious assassin: the Christmas Scorpion. Now they need a miracle to save the day. Or maybe all they need is Jack Reacher.


  • This is not a book!

    By dympnaj
    I should have read the reviews before giving my $2 away. All the reviews are correct! Stay away from this one.
  • Jack Reacher A Christmas Scorpion

    By slickeilli72
    Okay but definitely not worth a full novel, fans of Reacher will enjoy but not much to this short story.
  • Says it’s 320 pages but it’s really 60

    By Kcjones123
    This was a rip off at $1.99 when it says it’s going to be 330 pages but it’s only 64.
  • Not up to standard

    By ptPati
    I have read them all but this one is by far worse than them. Could have just skipped all but the lsat few chapters!
  • The Christmas Scorpion

    By Etwi
    A waste of my money and time. Not a story...barely a story line...full of holes & unbelievable observations.
  • Rubbish

    By RayTrader
    Love Jack Reacher....hate this story.
  • Don’t buy

    By Dawn7677
    Love all the Reacher Books, but this one is not worth the 2 bucks. Should have been longer!
  • Not worth

    By bonusmemo
    I read about 6 to 7 Reacher books and this one must be a test to see how many people would pay 1.99 for a childish plot and story that has the same character. Stay away.
  • The Christmas Scorpion

    By Mimi's Loft
    While I'm a huge Jack Reacher fan and have read every last one of the books, this is a waste of your $2. About 2 pages longer than the sample
  • Underwhelming

    By PapaBear60
    No JR action and very little deductive reasoning. This “book” was barely an introduction.