The Collected Novels Volume Three - Graham Greene

The Collected Novels Volume Three

Author: Graham Greene

  • Publication Date: 2018-11-06
  • Category: Classics


Three compelling novels from the British author who has been hailed as “one of the finest writers of any language” (The Washington Post).
In these novels of international intrigue and domestic drama, political injustice and crime, and the possibility of redemption, Graham Greene once again emerges as “the ultimate chronicler of twentieth-century man’s consciousness and anxiety” (William Golding, Nobel Prize–winning author of Lord of the Flies).
Orient Express: The Orient Express has embarked on a three-day journey from Ostend to Cologne, Vienna, and Constantinople. The passenger list includes a Jewish trader from London with business interests in Turkey—and a score to settle; a vulnerable chorus girl on her last legs; a boozy and spiteful journalist who’s found an unrequited love in her paid companion, and her latest scoop in second class: a Serbian dissident in disguise on his way to lead a revolution; and a murderer on the run looking for a getaway. As the train hurtles across Europe, the fates of everyone on board will collide long before the Orient Express rushes headlong to its final destination.
“Interesting and entertaining.” —The New York Times
Its a Battlefield: In preWorld War II London, during a demonstration in Hyde Park, Communist bus driver Jim Drover acts on instinct to protect his wife by stabbing to death the policeman set to strike her down. Sentenced to hang—whether as a martyr, tool, or murderer—Drover accepts his lot, unaware that the ramifications of the crime, and the battle for his reprieve, are inflaming political unrest. But Drover’s single, impulsive act is also upending the lives of the people he loves and trusts. Caught in a quicksand of desperation, sexual betrayal, and guilt, they will not only play a part in Drover’s fate, they’ll become agents—both unwitting and calculated—of their own fates as well.
“Adventurous . . . intelligent . . . ingenious.” —V. S. Pritchett
A Gun for Sale: Born out of a brutal childhood, Raven is an assassin for hire whose latest hit—a government minister—is calculated to ignite a war. When the most wanted man in England is paid off in marked bills, he also becomes the easiest to track—and police detective Jimmy Mather has the lead. But Raven’s got an advantage. Crossing paths with a sympathetic dancer named Anne Crowder, the emotionally scarred Raven has found someone in the wreckage of his life he can trust, maybe his only hope for salvation. Or at least, escape—because Anne is also Mather’s fiancée. Now the fate of two men will depend on her. And either way, it’s betrayal.
“[Greene is] a pioneer of the modern mood we now think of as noir.” —LA Weekly