Untouched - Dakota Willink


Author: Dakota Willink

  • Publication Date: 2019-01-29
  • Category: Contemporary


He was a gorgeous troublemaker with a cocky attitude.
She was the girl he shouldn't want.
They only had one summer—and a promise to have no regrets.

Helping my parents run Camp Riley was my number one priority.
I didn’t have time for Fitz Quinn—no matter how potent his smile was.
He was the spoiled son of a wealthy politician; a gorgeous troublemaker with a cocky attitude.
But the second he spoke to me, I knew I was in over my head.
My heart warned me, but of course I didn’t listen.
There was something protective and good beneath the bad boy exterior that made my insides flutter.
Before I knew it, I was falling hard and fast.

I wasn’t prepared to meet a girl like Cadence.
She was shy and innocent—and nothing like the girls who usually flocked my doorstep.
How could I resist her mile-long blond hair and emerald eyes?
I knew I shouldn’t want her. My father already had other plans for me and a relationship with her could never go beyond the summer.
I thought our stolen kisses by the lake were only supposed to be a summer fling.
Falling for her shouldn’t have happened.
But it did.
Now the clock is counting down until I have to return to the hell that awaits me in Washington D.C.
As September draws near, I get closer and closer to losing everything I’ve come to love.

From Amazon Bestselling Author Dakota Willink comes the first book in the Fade Into You series, a bad boy romance that will leave you swooning for more!