Defined - Dakota Willink


Author: Dakota Willink

  • Publication Date: 2019-02-26
  • Category: Contemporary


One love. One destiny. But it only takes one person to bring the house of cards tumbling down…

Seventeen years ago, Fitz Quinn stole my heart.
He took my innocence, then left me broken.
When a twist of fate brought us together again, I quickly learned even time couldn’t dim our chemistry.
Fitz was sexier than ever—successful and provocative.
He became the man I always knew he would be, and the heat between us quickly became unbearable.
Despite the promise I made to myself, the walls to my heart started to crumble.
Before I could stop it, I fell for him all over again.
But things are so much more complicated now.
Live are at stake.
I need to decide if sacrificing my values is worth being with the only man I have ever loved.

They call me Washington’s fixer.
Fixing the mistake I made with Cadence all those years ago should be simple.
Except it isn’t.
Things aren’t the same as they once were.
Cadence is the driving force behind a non-profit organization where she handles each case with the determination of a shark. I’m the CEO for a public relations firm—one that represents clients who oppose everything Cadence stands for. What do they say about opposites attract?
But Cadence is hiding something—I know it.
Now we’re at a crossroad. I need to decide if going against my father is worth pursuing a second chance with her.
One wrong move and my reputation could be obliterated.

From Amazon Bestselling Author Dakota Willink, comes the second book in the Fade Into You series, a second chance romance that will leave you breathless!