Be A Wolf - Landon Milbourne

Be A Wolf

Author: Landon Milbourne

  • Publication Date: 2019-02-01
  • Category: Parenting


We as men often try to relate to the male lion and all of his physical attributes. He is revered as the King of the Jungle and the head of his pride. His polygynous relationships and unanimous respect from all other species may be admirable to some, but if we take a closer look into the lifestyle of the dominant male lion, we will see that there are more flaws than one could ignore. These same flaws happen to be present in some of the men in our society today. The life of an alpha male wolf happens to be a better guide for us to follow. His family values, his demeanor, and his leadership are only a few of the qualities that a real man should strive to imitate. This book can be used as a tool to put us back on track. To help us claim our rightful place in nature and fulfill our true purpose on this earth.