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  • Magnifico

    By werzonino
    Fantastic and informative. Everyone should read this.
  • So sad.

    By AJantayo
    What otherwise was an interesting and optimistic tome until Chapter eight morphed into something else...
  • Outstanding coverage of what matters

    By Mrkvans
    This book takes a fresh look at aging and seeks to label it as a health condition. The primary thesis is: if we solve the general problem of aging - which the author says is easier to solve than cancer - much of the other specific ailments and diseases that plague society in old age will decline or go away entirely. Evidence is presented of successful and repeated research that is lengthening the life of mice up to 40% with simple supplements available today. Some brave people are taking these supplements and seeing unbelievable improvements in health. This book is awesome. I’ll be reading it again. And I’ll be sharing it with family and friends. It will be added to the list of books I reference as I seek a healthier and longer lifespan for myself and loved ones.
  • Better to watch the joe organ podcast and skip this book.

    By MoralSuperiorityComplex
    Useless information on world practical tips. At least tell us more than, “eat less”, “take metformin”.