Have Mercy - N. E. Henderson

Have Mercy

Author: N. E. Henderson

  • Publication Date: 2019-05-02
  • Category: Contemporary
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I never saw it coming.

Getting over that kind of betrayal is hard. It leaves a mark on the heart. A slow bleed that never goes away. She was my girl. We were supposed to be partners for life.  She was my forever girl.

Until she ran away.

I thought she felt the same. She disappeared without so much as a goodbye. Those cuts are the deepest. A gaping hole that can't be sealed. Abandonment is a deadly strike that can't be forgotten. 

Three months later she showed up, expecting me to welcome her back with open arms. Excuses, lies, not even her crying eyes could make me believe her manipulation. For months I felt like I was burning alive. She shattered my heart and stole my soul. 

I moved on.

Now, eighteen years later, a nightmare unfolds. Lies come to light. The truth is uncovered. And the people I thought I knew become strangers. The heartbreak I felt was only a scratch compared to the sliced open heart in my chest. 

She may never forgive me, because the thing about mercy—you have to give to receive.