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  • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    By amandax345
    Very interesting novel. Very twisted and you don’t really know where the story is going. Kind of reminds of The Glass Castle with the themes are a different kind of upbringing. It would be interesting to see this as a movie.
  • Nice Read

    By KATastrophikkk
    This was my first Lisa Jewell book. I enjoyed the way in which the chapters focused on individual characters. It flowed nicely and was very easy to follow. I particularly enjoyed how everything came together towards the end. I always judge a book’s greatness on whether or not I’d read it again. Would I read this again, no. But I’m glad that I got to experience it at least once.
  • The Family Upstairs

    By Mywaynichols76
    An absolutely great read!! From start to finish it kept me trying to figure out the truth. If u love a good story then this one is for u.
  • Spell Binding

    By aloha lynn
    This is the second of Lisa Jewell’s mysteries that I have read. They were both books that I could not put down.
  • I loved this book!

    By Nbahr2020
    I loved this book! It kept me guessing, kept me “turning the pages” on my phone. Will there be another?!?!
  • Confusing

    By pidge06660
    It was difficult to follow each characters story.
  • Could not put it down

    By MJW6506
    It’s been such a pleasure discovering Lisa Jewell. It’s been so long since I’ve found something I just could not put down. And this was it! Well this, and the other novels she’s written so far. Pretty great, Ms. Jewell, keep ‘em coming!!!!!
  • The Family Upstairs

    By cwSmiley
    This book captured me! I could not put it down. It has a creative plot and is well written. I really enjoyed this book!
  • FYI

    By Dia_Lila
    As of making this review I am halfway through the book. If you are a child or just someone who doesn’t like reading about suicide, rape, sexual intercourse, or murder, I don’t recommend this book. It’s a pretty interesting book though, when it doesn’t show what I mentioned before. Okay, I change my rating. It was fun to read and uncover more things about their past, but some of it made me disgusted. I can tolerate some hints in the description that it has some dark things in it, but not when it just shows itself as a book with mystery in it, when it has wayyy more than that. May you please have a description that says the book has sensitive topics?
  • Couldn’t put it down!

    By Mjsunny
    Well written, twisty, beautifully sad story. Finished it in two days.