The Mueller Report - Robert S. Mueller III & Special Counsel's Office Dept of Justice

The Mueller Report

Author: Robert S. Mueller III & Special Counsel's Office Dept of Justice

  • Publication Date: 2019-04-30
  • Category: Political Science
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Perhaps the most anticipated publication in American history, this is the full text of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. It is THE REPORT AND NOTHING BUT THE REPORT, in a beautifully typeset edition, with full searchability in ebook formats. It is, word for word, presented exactly as released by the Attorney General of the United States, with no positioning -- such as a celebrity introduction -- that would give it bias or impede its clarity. 

One of the most-talked-about investigations in American history, the subject of constant media discussion and speculation, non-stop and controversial attacks from the president, and the eager anticipation of a public wondering what the truth is, this long-awaited publication is an historic event.

The Mueller Report continues Melville House's "tradition of publishing pivotal public documents."—The New York Times


  • Informative

    By Indianagirl4
    More people need to be informed. Read this, if you want the truth.
  • Yes!

    By Hgvjxjjdb
    Thanks for making this available for $2. Now if people would actually read it, then they’d have a leg to stand on in their next political debate.
  • Illegal

    By daddysacowboy
    The fact that this investigation has been released and put into the form of a book should be illegal and Mr Mueller should be held accountable for even releasing this political bias. Mueller was to strictly decide if a criminal referral was in fact deemed necessary, and the fact that he couldn’t ,and instead decided to memorialize his political bias by putting it into words should be a politically criminal offense, and he should be dragged out of his house at 3am and made a political spectacle and the 35 million in tax payer money should be drained from his personal bank account this report in of itself proves Mueller is corrupt, and has absolutely no integrity.
  • Good

    By Kirseyree
  • A must read

    By DarthWarmonger44
    A must read.