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  • Fire and Fury: Siege Trump under Fire

    By 4Tikie
    Excellent book. I really love Mr. Wolf and his investigative work.
  • Siege

    By MHolubiak
    Appears very insightful, aligns with my views, and makes Bannon look a lot better. At least he appears to have a cause (“movement “). I suspect he is the deep throat for this book.
  • People who admit to not reading it offering ratings?

    By "Apps"DestroySouls
    How can Trump fans give this book one-star without reading it? If you read it, you’d be thrilled at the author’s portrayal of Mueller — indecisive and scared of Trump. Jared and Ivanka come off as serious candidates for the presidency. Imagine 8 years of Ivanka and 8 years of Jared — it’s gonna be a quarter century of Trumpism! And even the author has to admit Trump’s charm — even Nikki Haley was unable to keep her hot hands off Trump’s raging “Papa Smurf” (according to Trump anyway). If you bothered to read the book, you real about NOBODY is smarter than our diabolically clever president, and how everyone around him is awed into silence. If anything, the book will make you cheer for Trump like you cheer for Forrest Gump! Run, Donald, run!
  • excellent journalism!

    By Hibicus flower
    every person who calls themselves American needs to read this, even when you think you “believe” it untrue, as it exposes the madman in the madhouse in real time!
  • Gross, negligent incompetence gift wrapped for your reading pleasure.

    By E. Vee F.
    A must read for any American who is ready to take the wool from their eyes.
  • Pathetic Lies

    By Mina1964
    Just another sad, ridiculous author trying to bring Trump down.
  • Brilliant,

    By thall3816r
    If you care about our Republic, read this book and join those who are willing to stand up against corruption and deceit.
  • Wuestion

    By ShotGunPowder
    I haven’t read the book. I just found it. Is it just a bunch of liberal bull crap that they try to stuff down tour throats about Trump?
  • False claims

    By z_brooks3
    It would categorize this book under the fiction section because it’s completely fabricated.
  • Jargon

    By Vcugreek
    More gibberish from someone that literally knows nothing