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  • Wonderful Read

    By alygwynne
    Thrilling. Twists and turns. Wonderfully written.
  • It’s not like you know. It’s worse.

    A house, full of lies, a groom, full of chills, a bride, full of wisdom..and guests. Full of hate. You may think it as a thriller, it is, that’s fair. But I think it as a most... peculiar...GAME. It’s all to simple. It’s not who you suspect the least..nor whom you suspect the most. Look for details. In between the lines. But..maybe...instead of just a killing...justice is also done. Maybe, someone could finally rest. Or, maybe...there still out there. Seeking these...new goals. New....games...to play.

    By terrience
    The ending shocked me
  • Do NOT read review by user kaykaybean13

    By kyla963
    Hello, just here to say if you’re reading the reviews to figure out of the book if for you some jerk used their review to spoil the end. Avoid review by user kaykaybean13.
  • Page turner

    By JMSting
    I could not put this book down! It kept my beyond interested from start to finish with all its’ twists and turns. Love how it all fit together in the end!
  • Glued to the end

    By KV's10Smom
    It takes a lot to engage me in a book. I was an acquisitions editor for a publishing house. If a manuscript didn’t grab me in the first sentence, it usually wouldn’t interest me past the first page, much less to the end. I lasted to the end. I could be a little nit picky, but I won’t. I wasn’t her editor. I really enjoyed the book, from the first line all the way to the end. Well done. You got me!
  • Light thriller

    By Whitmben
    This book was a page turner, but it felt much lighter than most thrillers/mysteries. Well written yet also soap opera-ish with dramatic chapter endings and little action and few answers until the very end.
  • Incredibly boring

    By Chashu5
    I have no idea how this book got any good reviews. The book is around 350 pages and the ‘murder mystery’ dialogue comes at around page 250 of the book. It builds up so much to the actual wedding and climax of the plot - the first 250 pages are so incredibly boring. The conversations and history of the characters feel so meaningless. The syntax is incredibly dry and basic. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. The only reason I kept on reading is because I was waiting and waiting for any exciting part in the plot to start. I couldn’t even finish the book because I felt like I was wasting my time. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.
  • Very good, worth the ourchase

    By KomayakaKen
    I loved the sample and had to see what happened next...and let’s just say I was not ready for that plot twist. Definitely recommend, it’s a fun ride. The writing is super descriptive and not overbearing. I enjoyed.
  • Wow wow wow

    By missusanyc
    Interesting to start and a crescendo finish. It almost feels incomplete but a thrill nonetheless.