Greyson - Dale Mayer


Author: Dale Mayer

  • Publication Date: 2020-09-15
  • Category: Military
4.5 Score: 4.5
(From 42 Ratings)


Combining a trip to see his grandparents with hunting down a K9 dog sounds like a good excuse at the
time to Greyson. Somehow the K9 had been accidentally flow halfway around the world in the wrong
direction and then lost. Finding the dog wasn’t easy, but Greyson follows the trail of destruction the
same as the K9 does … and finds the female shepherd protecting a mother and child … So not what he

Jessica didn’t understand why the dog was always around, but the dog was plain scary. Although not as
much as everything else going on in her life right now. Most things she blames on her ex-husband, but
was he this mean? With her toddler son to protect, she knows she can’t make a mistake that will bring
them harm.

As the events escalate, it doesn’t take long to decide who was on her side and who … wasn’t.