Learn to Swim-It's Never Too Late - Janet Renner

Learn to Swim-It's Never Too Late

Author: Janet Renner

  • Publication Date: 2019-12-04
  • Category: Sports & Outdoors
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Includes 25 Step-By-Step Instructional Videos.

“Ms. Renner's book is a must read for anyone learning to swim, or just as importantly, tasked with teaching an adult to swim. She manages to be straight forward and witty at the same time, not an easy task. I was able to use the techniques in this book to help teach a group of fearless Afghan women in Kabul how to swim. These women had never been in a pool, lake, or river before. Being able to hold their own in water was an amazing achievement that gave them extra self confidence as they faced a war torn world.” 
- Adrienne Shade, civilian working with the women in Afghanistan

"I teach people how to be fearless, but when it came to swimming, I was a big chicken. Janet showed me how to get past my fears and swim with confidence. She can do the same for you." 
– Rhonda Britten, Emmy Award-winner, author Fearless Living

“If you have ever wanted to learn to swim but were afraid to try, then this book is for you. Janet Renner breaks the process down into simple, measurable steps designed to help you build up your confidence in the water, while melting away your fears. Yes, YOU CAN SWIM. The water is waiting for you!” 
- Karlyn Pipes, Hall of Fame Swimmer

This is a guide for those who hear “Let’s go swimming!” and think ‘oh-crap-I’m-gonna-drown’! Whatever your experience around water, or how long ago it happened, something has kept you from learning to swim and enjoying the aquatic world. This fear impacts you and it impacts your family and your kids. If anything ever happened to your kids in the water, how would you help them? Within this book is a step-by-step experience which will remove the terror out of learning to swim. Included with this step-by-step experience are accompanying instructional videos demonstrating each step plus one adult students transformational journey captured on video over the course of 5 days from "I'll never learn how to swim" to "I can't wait to go swimming again." Life-long swimmer and water enthusiast, coach, race director and instructor, Janet Renner has spent the last 30 years developing her proven method to CONQUER YOUR FEAR AND ENJOY THE WATER. Her gentle, fun, creative and intuitive guidance has supported thousands of adults to master their aquatic skills and feel comfortable knowing they can save themselves and their children. 

If fear of the water applies to you (or you know someone who it probably resonates with), keep reading. This book provides all you need to overcome your reluctance to the water including:
• how to make holding your breath in water no big deal
• a plan you can count on in case of emergency situations in the water
• the secrets to finally feeling comfortable in the water
• how to move yourself in water with very little effort
• tips you need to learn to swim safely 

If you have even the remotest of desire to conquer your fear of the water, by the end of this book you will be wondering why you have waited so long to learn.