Ultimate Risk - Anna Blakely

Ultimate Risk

Author: Anna Blakely

  • Publication Date: 2020-05-26
  • Category: Romance


They've been partners for years.

As Alpha Team's two snipers, Sean "Coop" Cooper and McKenna "Mac" Kelley have worked side-by-side for years...as partners and friends.

What happens when one partner wants to become more?

When Mac's past catches up to her, she's pulled back into the dark, ugly world she escaped from years ago. Refusing to put the members of her team at risk, Mac insists on taking on her twisted family alone. Coop, however, has other plans.

Will they survivie long enough to explore the love they've both been harboring?

When a target is placed on both their backs, Mac must not only face the secrets from her past, but also the feelings she's been fighting for her sexy-as-sin partner.