Fortune and Glory - Janet Evanovich

Fortune and Glory

Author: Janet Evanovich

  • Publication Date: 2020-11-03
  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers
4.5 Score: 4.5
(From 737 Ratings)


The twenty-seventh entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling series isn’t just the biggest case of Stephanie Plum’s career. It’s the adventure of a lifetime.

When Stephanie’s beloved Grandma Mazur's new husband died on their wedding night, the only thing he left her was a beat-up old easy chair…and the keys to a life-changing fortune.

But as Stephanie and Grandma Mazur search for Jimmy Rosolli’s treasure, they discover that they’re not the only ones on the hunt. Two dangerous enemies from the past stand in their way—along with a new adversary who’s even more formidable: Gabriela Rose, a dark-eyed beauty from Little Havana with a taste for designer clothes. She’s also a soldier of fortune, a gourmet cook, an expert in firearms and mixed martial arts—and someone who’s about to give Stephanie a real run for her money.

Stephanie may be in over her head, but she’s got two things that Gabriela doesn’t: an unbreakable bond with her family and a stubborn streak that will never let her quit.

She’ll need both to survive because this search for “fortune and glory” will turn into a desperate race against time with more on the line than ever before. Because even as she searches for the treasure and fights to protect her Grandma Mazur, her own deepest feelings will be tested—as Stephanie could finally be forced to choose between Joe Morelli and Ranger.


  • Fortune and Glory

    By Seegerone
    The WORST Stephanie Plum offering ever. I always immediately buy the books in this series because they’re a fun read. This one bored me...I literally fell asleep reading it several times. I forced myself to finish it because of the price. Maybe I’ve just outgrown the series. It seems to be the same old routine every time.
  • Fortune and glory

    By ketchy68
    Great story fun read
  • Absolutely a waste of time and money

    By Denny 2020
    Really! Was this auto written by a robot? Stephanie and Joe have broken up since he can’t deal with her ‘career’ that she is so bad at and can’t pay her rent. Ranger of course has to come help and they have bland sex. Bad guys are after Stephanie and someone is kidnapped. Funerals and viewings. Joe shows up at the end with cupcakes. Grandma is funny, the Mother drinks and the father is useless. Scramble all that and you get this and the last five books. Time to get Stephanie to counseling, a new man (or woman) that throws sparks and end this series.
  • Good

    By Sportsmom 5
    Good read
  • Evanovich Fan

    By jvm in va
    Can’t get enough of Janet’s books and this one doesn’t disappoint. It was a page turner that I loved.
  • Fortune ,No Glory

    By Reena56
    Always fun to read a Stephanie Plum book. It is like visiting an old friend . Sadly, this wasn’t one of my favorites. I usually laugh out loud while reading , didn’t happen this time. Still a quick, light hearted read,what I needed during this time. Look forward to Stephanie and the gang’s new adventure in 2021.
  • Too much like others

    By Msdaisy 42
    This book was too formulaic. Too predictable
  • Very disappointed

    By aenichol
    I looked forward to this book all year. I think this is the least substantial Stephanie Plum novel yet. The first 80+ pages were rehashing the same old same old - description of her apartment, her parents house, Rex, bonds office. Lula and donuts. It’s though the series has turned into a plug and play of the same components in every book - what to do about Ranger/Morelli. No direction in her life, etc. this book, in particular, really lacked substance.