Scaredy Cat - James Patterson & Chris Grabenstein

Scaredy Cat

Author: James Patterson & Chris Grabenstein

  • Publication Date: 2021-03-15
  • Category: Action & Adventure


There are Scaredy Cats everywhere---in your small town, your big city, your neighborhood. It's just that human beings can't see them. Only cats can see a Scaredy Cat.
When housecats Pasha and Poop move to Strawberry Lane with their humans, they find themselves in the domain of the shadowy Scaredy Cat, a feline spectre who demands that they follow his rules for being a proper cat or he'll bring chaos to their home---knocking over lamps and spilling kitty litter everywhere! But Pasha and Poop are rebellious and headstrong and they won't follow the ridiculous rules of the Scaredy Cat like all of the other pets on the block. Together with a stray named Ermine, they set out to find the truth behind who the Scaredy Cat really is, and how they can end his reign of mischief-making for good.