Modern Freezer Meals - Ali Rosen

Modern Freezer Meals

Author: Ali Rosen

  • Publication Date: 2021-08-10
  • Category: Methods


Modern freezer meals to turn the notion of frozen food on its head.
Despite our food culture's deification of preserving ingredients through classic methods like canning and fermenting, we've relegated the freezer to the category of TV dinners and overwrought casseroles. But the freezer can be your best meal-prepping friend, and the easiest way to always have a ready-made meal on hand. Modern Freezer Meals provides one hundred fresh recipes for frozen food—from healthy, vibrant grain bowls to proteins cooked straight from the freezer with tons of flavor still intact.
Frozen food guru Ali Rosen offers proper packing and labeling techniques to shatter some of the myths around freezer meals. The days of freezer burn or giant blocks of unwieldy meals are replaced by dozens of dishes that stand up to the cold. Recipes include:
• Everything biscuits
• Mashed potato bell peppers
• Cherry chocolate cookies
• Ricotta gnocchi
• And so much more!

Gain a freedom from the daily cooking conundrum with Modern Freezer Meals.