Hidden in the Shadows - Elana Johnson

Hidden in the Shadows

Author: Elana Johnson

  • Publication Date: 2021-01-07
  • Category: Suspense
4.5 Score: 4.5
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He owns the biggest business in Forbidden Lake, and his top-floor penthouse overlooks the bay. She's his right-hand in the office...and his biggest crush. Will he tell her the secrets he's never told anyone, or let their chance at love wither away?

Samantha Addler has worked for Tanner Global Communications for a while now, and she's bringing in more clients than ever. If only she wasn't so jealous of an innocent kiss her boss gave another co-worker last Christmas. But Sami's had her eye on Anderson Tanner for almost as long as she's worked for him.

They've traveled the world together to conduct business, but when Andy confesses he wants a relaxing, productive, and romantic weekend in Costa Rica with Sami, she feels like all of her dreams have come true.

Their relationship heats up while on the road as well as back home in Forbidden Lake. At the same time, Andy's trying to figure out how to tell her his real name, as well as why he had to change it in the first place. Literally no one knows, as he fled Chicago almost a decade ago to get away from his father and brother who would've drained his bank account and then killed him, the way they did his mother.

But he can't hide from them forever, and as he gets hints that they're closing in on Forbidden Lake, Andy has a difficult choice to make: Cut Sami loose so she's not in danger or tell her the whole truth. Can Andy keep Sami safe and at his side? Or will he lose her forever once she learns his secrets?