The Billionaire Club - Elana Johnson

The Billionaire Club

Author: Elana Johnson

  • Publication Date: 2018-07-04
  • Category: Romance
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She's enjoying her anonymity in the bay after a life on the front pages of the tabloids. So Lexie Keller will do whatever she has to in order to maintain the new life she's found in Getaway Bay.

Unfortunately, her past has followed her to the bay, and Lexie must hire someone to help her or risk everything coming out in front of her new friends.

That someone is Jason Burnes, an ex-boyfriend from years ago. He's eager for a second chance to rebuild their relationship, and he's Lexie's one true regret from her past.

Can Lexie keep her business affairs in the shadows while she brings her relationship out of them? Or will she have to confess everything to her new friends...and Jason?