Deadly Holidays - Lisa Phillips

Deadly Holidays

Author: Lisa Phillips

  • Publication Date: 2021-09-10
  • Category: Religious


The series finale finds Steve on the run, a fugitive from the law. 

Despite the heat on him, he sticks around Washington DC determined to bring down the blackmailer. Rachel uses her pull as a senator to confront the man who took everything from her. In return, the blackmailer hires hitmen to take her out. Can she face her fears, get the proof the FBI needs to make an arrest, and somehow end this nightmare? As Christmas approaches the team faces attack. All the way from Washington to South America, the fate of the nation is on the line. Double Down must face their greatest foe and through it all stay true to themselves and each other. 

The series: 
Deadly Exposure - Double Down Book 1 
Deadly Secrets - Double Down Book 2 
Deadly Agenda - Double Down Book 3 
Deadly Holidays - Double Down Book 4 

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