Cocktails - The Williams-Sonoma Test Kitchen


Author: The Williams-Sonoma Test Kitchen

  • Publication Date: 2018-05-08
  • Category: Beverages


Master the art of creating cocktails at home with 54 timeless recipes and tips on stocking a bar, garnishing, ice, glassware, and hosting a cocktail party.

In this compact yet comprehensive book from Williams Sonoma, you’ll find a recipe for any occasion. The beautifully photographed chapters include: Gin, Whiskey & Bourbon, Tequila, Vodka, Rum, Frozen, Basic Cocktails, and Bar Snacks.

You’ll find recipes for Pineapple Orange Gin Rickey, Bee’s Knees, Elderflower Rose Collins, Maple Sazerac, Blackberry Lemonade Whiskey Sour, Old Fashioned with Lemon, Orange and Vanilla, Coconut Cream and Lime Margarita, Ancho Reyes and Cucumber, Grapefruit Rosemary Moscow Mule, Peppermint White Russian, Gingerbread Dark & Stormy, Mango Mai Tai, Frozen Hard Pink Lemonade, Lemon Raspberry Sorbet Prosecco Float, Manhattan, Cosmo, Moscow Mule, Parmesan Twists, Fried Pickles, Devils on Horseback, and many more!