The Sand Bar Misstep - Elana Johnson

The Sand Bar Misstep

Author: Elana Johnson

  • Publication Date: 2019-07-18
  • Category: Romance


Tired of the dating scene, a cowboy billionaire puts up an Internet ad to find a woman to come out to a deserted island with him to see if they can make a love connection...

Mason Martin has sold his cattle ranch in Texas for just over a billion dollars and traded it for Long Bar Island, a remote island a few hours away from Getaway Bay. Frustrated with the dating scene in the more populated areas of Hawaii, he puts up an ad, asking for volunteers to come live with him on his deserted island for three months.

The goal? See if they can fall in love.

Ivy McLaughlin has seen all three of her sisters fall in love during stressful, tragic times on deserted islands. When she hears about Mason's ad, she's intrigued. Spurred on by her real-life Legally Blonde moment, where her boyfriend breaks up with her instead of proposing, she contacts Mason.

And she's the only one who does—at least Mason thinks so. He doesn't know his servers went down, only allowing Ivy's message to get through. They set out for Long Bar Island after an altercation on the dock which leaves a bad taste in Ivy's mouth. Has she just signed up for the worst three months of her life?

As she and Mason live on the island, she begins to see the softer side of the tough cowboy billionaire. Maybe the next three months will be the most romantic of her life—and end in that proposal she so desperately wants. But when a storm hits their slim patch of sand in the vast ocean, their shelter is rendered roofless and the yacht they sailed out on is lifeless in the water. Will Ivy and Mason make the love connection they both want? Or will the forces of nature—and a faulty server—pull them apart?