Visual Guide to Minor Leaguers, 2022 Edition - Nick Richards

Visual Guide to Minor Leaguers, 2022 Edition

Author: Nick Richards

  • Publication Date: 2022-01-19
  • Category: Baseball


A baseball industry minor league expert explains how to analyze minor leaguers. Using graphics, charts, screen shots, and videos, Richards explains what metrics work best for minor leaguers, how to find those numbers on the Web, how to put those numbers into graphical form for easier understanding, and how to interpret what you are seeing. Not every stat darling is worth picking up for your dynasty team. Conversely not every poor stat line is meaningful if you look more closely at the numbers, and ideally if you chart trend lines. While scouting comes first, if all you have are numbers, here's how to make the numbers work for you. This is an easy book to read, to skim, to use as a reference any time you wonder if a minor leaguer you heard about is good or not. The book itself is very visual, and Richards shows you exactly how to make best use of the copious amounts of data available on the baseball Web. It is easy once you know how! New in the 2022 edition: Updated links and screen shots, new metrics and their explanation, new charts, new Twitter links, embedded video, and more.