The Legacy Workbook - James Kerr

The Legacy Workbook

Author: James Kerr

  • Publication Date: 2022-10-21
  • Category: Business & Personal Finance


The ideas at the heart of Legacy: 15 Lessons in Leadership have taken on a life of their own. It's become much more than a book about a sports team - it's become a leadership bible.
Legacy shows readers what a true high-performance culture change looks like and why it matters. Now it is time for the how.
· How do I reboot my culture? In my organisation, my team, my life?
· How do I start? What steps do I need to take? What's the right process? What is the right psychological approach? What are the key principles?
· How do I make it work? What tools do I require? What models are proven to work?
· How do I - personally - create change? What kind of leader do I need to be?
· How do I change? What does it take to leave a legacy of which I can be proud?

The Legacy Workbook
will be a practical manual for creating change. A companion piece to Legacy, and a logical follow-up purchase, the workbook will synthesise the practical steps leaders can take to create a lasting legacy.