Jane Whitefield - Thomas Perry

Jane Whitefield

Author: Thomas Perry

  • Publication Date: 2022-06-07
  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers


Get the backstory on an amazing heroine in this suspenseful kidnapping tale from the bestselling author of Vanishing Act and The Left-Handed Twin.
A Native American of Seneca descent, Jane Whitefield helps people in harm’s way disappear without a trace and take on entirely new lives with new identities. Of course, not everyone is a fan of Jane’s work . . .
There is a group of men who would like to speak with the elusive woman. That’s why they’ve kidnapped three people connected to Jane to serve as bait. One of the poor souls is Jane’s longtime friend and neighbor, Jake Reinert.
As the three hostages ponder their escape, Jake begins to tell the story of the one person who could rescue them from a horrible death: Jane Whitefield.
Praise for Thomas Perry and the Jane Whitefield Novels
“A master of nail-biting suspense.” —Los Angeles Times
“At a time when franchise characters are publishing gold, [Jane Whitefield] is the sort of protagonist most crime novelists would kill for.” —The Wall Street Journal
“Whitefield is an indelible figure—whip-smart, resourceful, brave and big-hearted.” —The Seattle Times
“The tension is thick, the story unfolds at a rapid pace, the characters are well developed, and, as usual in a Thomas Perry novel, the tale is tightly written.” —Associated Press
“Layer upon layer of deception and intrigue . . . Smooth action writing and a remarkable mastery of escape techniques—one would hate to be a debt collector in search of the author.” —Publishers Weekly