Savages - Don Winslow


Author: Don Winslow

  • Publication Date: 2010-07-13
  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers
4 Score: 4
(From 444 Ratings)


From the New York Times bestselling author of The Cartel, The Force, and The Border

A New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, and Chicago Sun-Times Favorite Book of the Year

“A revelation…This is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid on autoload.” —Stephen King, Entertainment Weekly

“Startling…Stylish…Mega-cool.” —Janet Maslin, The New York Times

Ben, Chon, and O are twentysomething best friends living the dream in Southern California. Together they have made a small fortune producing premium grade marijuana, a product so potent that the Mexican Baja Cartel demands a cut. When Ben and Chon refuse to back down, the cartel kidnaps O, igniting a dizzying array of high-octane negotiations and stunning plot twists as they risk everything to free her. The result is a provocative, sexy, and darkly engrossing thrill ride, an ultracontemporary love story that will leave you breathless.

“A spellbinding tour de force that is utterly impossible to put down.” —Christopher Reich

“This is the story of love’s costs—and the acceptance of whatever that cost entails.” —Randy Michael Signor, Chicago Sun-Times

“A wickedly funny and smart novel.” —Janet Evanovich

“Winslow’s marvelous, adrenaline-juiced roller coaster of a novel…is both a departure and a culmination, pyrotechnic braggadocio and deep meditation on contemporary American culture.” —Sarah Weinman, Los Angeles Times


  • Mehhhh,

    By Doc JJB
    What a lib a-hole...hopefully movie is better, but I doubt it,
  • pretty good

    By oohaai
    This book was, well "dope"
  • Well told, fast paced, action thriller with humor

    By Barry sotoro
    The book circles around Ben Chon and O short for Ophelia. Winslow managed to keep my attention the whole way through with his unique plot and his relate able characters. Great action, and you feel like you grow a relationship with the characters. One if not my favorite book. And I read a lot.
  • great book

    By Beezy401
    I like books that you can't put down. This is One of those books. Ready to start the kings of cool next.
  • This is an amazing story! So good Read!! ASAP!

    By othmusic23
    I am so obsessed with this world Winslow has created! So read the book and the prequel and then see the amazing movie! And the cool thing is you can do the those three things in any order! Its such an interesting story its your loss if you don't read it!
  • Savages is my favorite beach read so far

    By Christine Mason
    Written like a fast paced screenplay, I wanted to read this before the movie came out and was glad I did. No matter how sophisticated we think we are, in the end we're all just a bunch of savages doing whatever it is we have to do get by.
  • Entertaining!

    By TayMid
    I was a little turned off by Ben, Chon and O's relationship in the beginning, but towards the end I really enjoyed their dynamic. Winslow's style took me some time to get used to, but he did a great job with the character development. Savages flowed together perfectly and the ultimate message is priceless. Chon is definitely one of my all-time favorite book characters!
  • It was ok

    By Jack's Momma
    A lot of un-needed boring dialog and a lot of unexplained action and events. I had high hopes for this book,but was left irritated.
  • Good read!

    By Akslaughter
    I enjoyed this book. It was a fast easy read for some lazy summer days. The action was good and the characters were interesting.
  • Whattaride!

    By Drazowsky
    Winslow knows how to tell a tale. He tells it quickly. He tells it quirkely. He tells it honestly. He tells is truthfully. There isn't a vacant moment in this novel of friendship, love, lust, drugs, revenge, violence, intelligence, and humor. So much humor. So much so that you forget it's called "Savages." Savage it is, and savage you hope it stays. It stays savage. It's worth it. Once I was done I kinda wanted to start it again. I didn't, but I thought about it. I'll think about this novel for a while. Nicely done, sir.