VeriSEAL - Marliss Melton


Author: Marliss Melton

  • Publication Date: 2011-02-23
  • Category: Contemporary
4 Score: 4
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Thirty-four-year-old Libby Granger, professor of British Lit, can’t help but be flattered by the attentions of the hot, new graduate assistant, former Navy SEAL Bruce Kimball. Nonetheless, she is puzzled by the inconsistencies in Bruce’s stories. Consulting with VeriSEAL, a verification service run by the Department of the Navy, Libby learns, to her great disillusionment, that Bruce is an imposter. Until the mystery of Bruce’s true identity can be resolved, VeriSEAL director, Todd Lawson, advises Libby to play along with Bruce’s ruse. But the deeper Todd digs, the more evidence suggests that the imposter’s intentions are nothing short of murderous.
Melton's VeriSEAL is a sample of the romance and military intrigue found in her full-length novels published by Grand Central (formerly Warner Forever). Her best-selling Navy SEALs seris is comprised of seven novels, including FORGET ME NOT and NEXT TO DIE. All seven books are available in paperback and electronic form.