What Alice Forgot - Liane Moriarty

What Alice Forgot

Author: Liane Moriarty

  • Publication Date: 2011-06-02
  • Category: Fiction & Literature
4.5 Score: 4.5
(From 2,194 Ratings)



A “cheerfully engaging”(Kirkus Reviews) novel for anyone who’s ever asked herself, “How did I get here?”

Alice Love is twenty-nine, crazy about her husband, and pregnant with her first child. So imagine Alice’s surprise when she comes to on the floor of a gym (a gym! She HATES the gym) and is whisked off to the hospital where she discovers the honeymoon is truly over—she’s getting divorced, she has three kids, and she’s actually 39 years old. Alice must reconstruct the events of a lost decade, and find out whether it’s possible to reconstruct her life at the same time. She has to figure out why her sister hardly talks to her, and how is it that she’s become one of those super skinny moms with really expensive clothes. Ultimately, Alice must discover whether forgetting is a blessing or a curse, and whether it’s possible to start over...


  • Random pick

    By Butt-up
    I purchased this book in person at random. I am so happy to have found liane as an author. What Alice Forgot was a great, touching, and reflecting read. I look forward to reading more of her books.
  • My favorite of her books

    By FTO772
    I don’t think I’ve read them all, but I’ve read a lot of them, and this is my favorite of her books
  • Heartfelt and relatable

    By Jezzayy ahaa
    This is a wonderful story that is heart wrenching and relatable. I personally suffered a head injury and had issues with memory but not to the extreme of this character. This is one you won’t be able to put down!
  • Just ok

    By KDGal
    Good story, but there was entirely too much detail. I skipped over a lot of it and had to force myself to finish it.
  • A must read!

    By shanakinnane
    Honestly one of the best books I have read. Not only do the characters evolve into amazing people, but the book really allows you to acknowledge the things that are most important in life. I was NOT able to put this book down, and I was totally sad when I finished it because I was craving for me! The beginning is a little slow, but the anticipation of what I knew was coming kept me flipping the pages.
  • Love her mix of humor and storytelling

    By Colee1414
    We all have different genres we enjoy reading. So first let me be clear, I enjoy the escape of a novel filled with humor, can't put the book down, and storytelling. If you don't care for those types of books then I would say don't waste your time. What I enjoy about Liane's writing style is I personally connect with the characters, finding myself sitting across from them at a coffee shop listening to their story and wanting to cheer them on. Again, if that's not your type of book then carry on. What Alice Forgot was the first book I ever read by Liane and have fell in love with her writing style. I read a lot of business and science articles so this is a great refresher.
  • So so so good!

    By AmandaSueki
    Makes you really think. Loved this book!
  • What Alice Forgot

    By gwendy75
    It definitely was one I couldn't put down!
  • Absolutely lovely.

    By FaithFilled&Thankful75!
    I'm drawn to the author because she pulls you in so expertly. Fabulous read!
  • D

    By Luis-A "Band" guy
    UFirst thing uglya