Bayou Bodyguard - Jana DeLeon

Bayou Bodyguard

Author: Jana DeLeon

  • Publication Date: 2011-07-01
  • Category: Contemporary
4 Score: 4
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One remote bayou mansion was holding tight to its secrets

Bodyguard Brian Marcentel knew Justine Chatry had a job to do, but so did he. He'd been hired to keep her safeā€”from whatever lurked behind the walls of a long-neglected mansion. And yet, the beautiful researcher insisted on helping him investigate every suspicious noise and following him through the murky bayou as he tracked down trespassers. All of that paled in comparison, though, to his greatest challenge: trying to resist her when the fear took over and she looked to him for protection. Still, no matter how fiery their attraction, there was something about this frustrating, sexy woman that seemed so familiar. But trying to penetrate her secrets was like trying to keep her out of his arms. Or out of his bed.